Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanks to Cheri!

I know, I know. You don't hear from me for ages and then here I am two days in a row. I just wanted to show my little quilt that I made from a design that Cheri Payne shared on her blog. Cheri calls it Sew Thankful. I didn't quite have it ready for the Thanksgiving table, but I worked on it over the weekend.
Cheri's blog is HERE, and you can find the quilt  project HERE.  Cheri is a favorite designer among the primitive crowd. I am not as totally primitive as some, but I do have one foot in it, and I love Cheri's designs!
In order to make it easier for myself, I worked up Cheri's design in EQ. I lightened the background and then printed off the copy. It looks pretty cute in gold too! But after laying the blocks on various colors I decided to go with a really dark olive. I love it! It is made with one inch strips, making each square in each 9-patch a half inch. The 9-patch blocks measure 1-1/2 finished. Thanks so much to Cheri for her great designs and her generosity in sharing!

While Joan and I were at Quilt Market we ran into Cheri's sister, Barri Sue Gaudet of Bareroots fame. It's funny who you meet in hotel elevators! Barri Sue is as sweet as can be and invited us to a book signing where we were delighted to get a signed copy of her latest book! I have made several of her projects over the years, and a good many of you have too, I am sure!
 We also were happy to meet Joyce Weeks and Norma Whaley of Geoff's Mom Quilt Patterns. They were also at our hotel. I kind of wanted to just start knocking on doors to see who would answer! I have been so impressed with the work that these ladies do. Some of you may remember the Ancestor Quilt I made a couple years ago. That was Norma's design before she and Joyce were partners. It was fun to have Joyce recognize me because we follow each other on Pinterest! Isn't the world a funny place!
It wouldn't be market without a stop to see Anne Sutton at Bunny Hill. Her booth is always so sweet, as she is, with playful little characters flouncing around.

Now it is time for me to get to work on cleaning and packing and hopefully sneak in some sewing! Thanks for stopping to visit!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snowy Stitches

I hope my American readers had a lovely Thanksgiving! The weather is cooling down around the country and snow is once again falling in the northern climes. Quilters are nestled down in fabric and batting stitching up favorite designs. Some quilters, like Lisa Bongean, shown below, have the most adorable snowman quilts, along with other winter confectioneries.

 I had the pleasure of meeting up with Lisa at Quilt Market recently. Her booth, Primitive Gatherings, is always a hot spot at market. Does this not look like a winter wonderland? Follow the link to Lisa's shop and find all kinds of wonderful treasures and kits that you can order on line. I was excited to find my own newest patterns (page 8 and 9) on her link to NEW items. Yes, Lisa buys from me on the condition that I quit stalking her. It's not easy, but I try.

You may know Pat Wys from her darling Silver Thimble Quilt Co. Her designs are cheerful and colorful, often with lots of applique. Pat is lots of fun and shows everyone a good time! Visit her blog at Silver Thimble Talk.

Since we began with snowmen, this is such a darling snowman quilt designed by Pat! It's called Snowbound, and gives you a taste of what Pat does. I love it!
 Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robinson, co-owners of Red Crinoline Quilts (formerly Bonnie Blue Quilts) had a booth right close to mine. Paula's designs are fabulous! And Mary Ellen stitches them to perfection. What a team! I loved visiting with them and their booth was beautiful!

This is a pretty little corner of my booth where I framed one of Karen Mowery's Primitive Children. Doesn't it look sweet? You can see a better picture of it on her website Primitive Children. Karen is a dear friend of mine and her talent is amazing! You probably know Karen from her blog, Sew Primitive. And of course she is the now famous author of A Bountiful Life!
Hey, it has five stars at Amazon!!! But ask for it at your LQS first. We like to support shops!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

More from Quilt Market 2012

I am back home in Virginia Beach for a few weeks. I haven't been on line much, and you may have seen tons of photos from Quilt Market already, but I have more to show, so check it out!
 Meet Becky Delsman of Plays with Wool Designs.
 I got to meet Becky and her partner Kim Schueffner at their booth at market. You may recognize the project she is holding, "the Great Pumpkin" from the Fall 2012 issue of this magazine below--Primitive Quilts and Projects. This is such a stunning wool project.You can order a kit at the Plays with Wool website. Order now and you will have it ready for next fall!

This magazine is, of course, everyone's favorite! I am excited to tell you that I have another project coming up in this magazine next year. Below is a photo of me with "the Prim Sisters", as Kimber likes to call them. Jeni, me, Judy and Gretchen! Their booth was close to mine and I ran into them every day. These sisters got the magazine going and it took off like a shot last year. If you can't find it in your LQS, look at Barnes and Noble, or even better, get a subscription! Be sure and tell them that I sent you! Follow the link: Primitive Quilts and Projects.

I love meeting people at market that I "know" but haven't had the pleasure of meeting. Above is Kathy from the Cottage at Cardiff Farms. I bet you have seen her work in magazines, etc. I was definitely a pleasure to meet Kathy. My friend Joan kept raving about her booth and so I went to see her. She is so nice and so full of talent. You have to check out her website and see the great projects she has available.
This is my dear friend Janna from Bloc-Loc Rulers. I met her and her husband Paul in Houston two years ago when their booth was close to mine. Now we are always so delighted to run into one another. Their business is going like crazy and I LOVE their products. If you go to their website you can see the nifty rulers they have created for trimming down small blocks. I use them all the time because I love perfection! And these rulers give you that. I wrote about them previously HERE.

This final photo for today is from the Marcus Fabrics booth. You know I love Marcus fabrics, and Judie Rothermel is at the top of my list. You can follow the link to their website and peruse the wonderful fabric lines that they have out. You can also download these fabrics to EQ7 if you have it and see what they look like in your quilt designs. Love that!

Friday, November 09, 2012

At Quilt Market-Houston 2012

I am rushing to get this posted as I am in Arizona and leave tomorrow to go home. It is always nice to be here. I came straight from Quilt Market where I picked up a nasty cold and so I have been coughing my guts out and haven't felt that well. Consequently, not much blogging going on. Now I am pressed for time, so this will be quick.

 Here are a few photos of my booth. Me above with Button Bandits to the left and Old Soul in the back. 
My buddy Joan went with me again and helped me set up and work the booth, etc. Don't know what I would do without Joan! We are surrounded here in our little 10' x 10' booth with padded walls! Very cozy, as one visitor commented!

It was exciting to me to have several people come to my booth and tell me that they read my blog! Thank you! And thanks for stopping by! It was also fun to see people that I have been meeting at different shows and they remember me. Alma Allen from Blackbird Designs, for example, remembered that I took a class from her and Barb Adams several years ago. That shocked me. Just goes to show you how special these ladies are. Or how gullible I am!
 This is Barb Adams from Blackbird Designs. Alma was busy at that moment so I didn't interrupt her. their booth is always so nice.

 I grabbed Jo Morton as she was walking past my booth. I introduced myself and she said, "You're Karen Mowery's friend". Yup, that's me! Don't we all love Jo? Yes!

 My neighbor in the booth next door was Mary Koval.I was so happy to get to know Mary. She has been doing this for many years and has a huge following all over the world. I often see her on Scandinavian blogs. She designs fabric, has a quilt shop, and also sells antique quilts. Her booth was full of antique quilts. Fabulous! Her husband Joe was with her working hard!

That's all for now. I have to pack to go home! More photos later.

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Hi everyone, I am in Arizona this week. I came here right from market. The weather here could not be nicer. And of course it is great to be around family. I am anxious to share photos from Quilt Market, and will do that soon, I promise. 

While I am enjoying beautiful weather here, I am still  seeing scenes on TV of the horrible devastation on the east coast from Hurricane SandyToday I came across this blog, The Shed. This blog provides a name and address for someone who is there, on the front lines, so to speak, and she is willing to deliver clean clothes to those in need right now! Please follow the link and read Laura's message. Maybe you will feel inspired to send socks, or more. I know there are many ways to help, so follow your heart and choose one. 
 And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.  (1 Cor 13:13)