Thursday, March 29, 2012

Teaberry Stars--Oh Baby!

Has anyone out there missed me? I have been in Arizona for the past three weeks as my Dad suddenly ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. As I arrived he was transferred to a rehab facility for another week and a half. (heaven help we call it a nursing home). I seriously hope we never have to see that place again. He is home at his apartment now and recovering quite nicely I am happy to say. It has been nice to be here and spend time with him. When I think of all he has been to me in my life, it is a pleasure to be able to do for him for a change.

I feel bad that I don't get into blogging when I am away. There is just so darn much keeping me busy and running around. Once again I am getting a few things done at our house in Mesa while I am here. Yesterday I ordered carpet and am so excited to have that installed. Coughing up that much money has not been easy. After that we can begin moving in. Just waiting for my husband to retire to make the move official. It is so beautiful here this time of year and I don't miss the onslaught of pollen that is clouding the skies in Virginia Beach this time of year.

So here is some exciting news to share. McCall's Quilting May-June 2012 issue, is featuring a baby quilt that I made for my granddaughter Ellie who will be less than a year old when she finally receives it! McCall's also featured her brother Isaac's baby quilt, so I am delighted that they will both be able to say that their quilt was published by McCall's. That is when they can speak! 
 These are five inch blocks made primarily with a darling fabric line called Little Pink Stars designed by Margo Krager.You may be able to find some online if you check. There is also fabric from my stash included. I love pink, so I am always collecting it! McCall's also has an online pattern available for this quilt using 10" blocks to enlarge the quilt to bed size.  I have considered making it larger in blue. Wouldn't that be pretty?

Tomorrow I am leaving to drive to Utah with my son-in-law. He has been here helping me on the house and making himself very useful. He is done with school and about to embark on a new career as a pharmacist. A man of many talents! My daughter, Polly, is driving to Provo, UT from Missoula, MT and meeting us there. This is the home of my darling twin grandsons, and also Ellie and Isaac, so my life will be filled with grandbabies for the next two weeks!

I doubt I will be blogging until I return to Mesa, and then I will have baby pictures! Thank you dear readers for coming to visit me once again, and check out my Pinterest boards--see the link at the top right.

Sunday, March 04, 2012

A few quilts from Mid-Atlantic

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival had some awesome quilts. Overall, the best I have seen in years! This one was fabulous and just my style! Made by Nancy L. Losee. Love the cheddar in the border!

Mary Chalmers of Alexandria, MN made two fabulous crazy quilts.  Amazing work. Above is Crazy with a Twist which won first place for traditional quilts. We are crazy about her twist! 
 Here is a close-up for you to drool over!
 This is a close-up of Mary's other quilt called In Praise of Wool.
Check out Lisa Bongean's blog for a much better picture of In Praise of Wool. What an artist!

Blogger is giving me grief loading photos today, so I will close for now. I know that Mrs. Goodneedle posted photos from Mid-Atlantic also, so check out her blog, From the Strawberry Patch.

More later!