Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I have enjoyed seeing all the blogs with your Christmas decorations, trees, ornaments, and stories. It almost makes me feel like putting up a tree. But alas, that will not be happening. Instead, I will enjoy all the decorations at my son's house. It will be all decorated when we arrive, but usually I help put it all away after Christmas. The fun part, right? Seriously, I don't feel that bad about not decorating here, because to me, the fun of it is for the kids.
We do have a tradition that MUST take place every year in our house, and that is the Christmas Puzzle! My husband bought this puzzle at least twenty years ago. And every year he has put it together with the help of whomever is around. We keep looking for a new puzzle, but have never found one that we like as well as this one. At this point, we would like to buy a new one just like this one! You would think we could put it together in our sleep, but no, every year we struggle over which piece goes where. We pick up each piece with great affection, recognizing many from years gone by. Still others surprise us when their spot is finally located and we see a well known picture reappear! The triumph we feel at placing each piece in its proper spot is ridiculous! You would think we were splitting atoms or something. So even with no tree, no decorations, no stockings hung by the fire, this is one tradition that must go on! The kids are gone, but the Christmas Puzzle remains!

My Christmas Wreath is a treasure! I saw something similar in a Mary Engelbreit Magazine a few years ago. It is loaded with old ornaments from my mom's house from when I was a child. Let me tell you, she had TONS! Maybe some of you will recognize some of them from your childhood as well. It was so much fun to make! So that is my little contribution to the Christmas decorating theme in blogland!

Friday, December 08, 2006


Already it is getting late in the season to start Christmas gifts. However, I have had a couple requests for instructions for making the little Joy Quiltlet. It is a simple project to complete, especially if you just want to make one or two. So, I have posted the instructions on my web page: www.patchalotpatterns.com Enjoy!

Sunday, December 03, 2006


My daughter made this cute tree quilt for me a couple years ago and left it to me to sew on the buttons to decorate it. Well, I finally sat down yesterday to do it! While sewing I got the idea to put Christmas pins on it. I had four old tree pins that were my mothers. Then I found a few other things--old jewelry of my mothers. I also added a couple quilt pins, a tiny framed photo of my granddaughter, my dad's Navy wings, etc. I sewed on a bunch of red buttons to brighten it up. In the end it turned out cute, in a hokey sort of way! (That dorky homemade look!) I hung it on the wall and it does brighten the place up a little. It is fun to have those little mementoes out where I can see them instead of in a drawer.
I haven't put up a Christmas tree in about 16 years. These past years we always travel to be with our kids and grandkids. I have boxes of decorations in the attic. I should get them out and divide the good ones up for the kids. I used to make a lot of ornaments, as did my mother. My kids always liked those the best. Smart kids!
The past two Christmases we have been at my daughter's in Minnesota. This year we are all going to my son's in Arizona. The whole family will be together for the first times in about three years. My dad just moved there also, so he will be with us. I think my husband and I will sneak off to sleep at my dad's so we can find a few moments of peace in the evenings. It is coming up fast and I am looking forward to it!
In the meantime, I have been making these little table top quilties for gifts. They are not Christmas fabrics, so really could be left out all year as a gentle reminder of Faith-Hope-Love-Joy. Very simple, but I like them!
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