Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Fun Visit At Libby's House!

I know some of you are waiting to see my photos from Libby's house. As afore mentioned, I got to spend some time with
Libby is so much fun! It was a delight to meet her after all these years and all those promises of getting together.
The first thing you see when you arrive at Libby's house is the quilt hanging on the gate next to the house. Yes, it is outside! This is California, and I hear things are different there. And this IS the house of a quilter! Of course I love that, don't you? 

I hardly know where to begin, there were darling little vignettes and quilts displayed all over the house. Look how cute on this old ironing board!

A quilt ladder is becoming almost a quilter's 'must have' and Libby has one. 

She also has a fun quilt rack made up of curtain rods. Love it!

This is the bedroom and her gorgeous hexagon quilt that we watched her make on her blog. Also this beautiful log cabin with really small strips--it's to die for! And LOVE the pillows! She is a folk art genius!

Libby is also a big Cheri Payne fan and has made numerous projects designed by Cheri. Wonderful stuff here! 

Libby also pulled this little Christmas quilt out of the closet that I designed and she made a few years ago. Love her version. This is a free pattern on my website,

This little basket is stuffed with little quilts with the crow and flag taking the center stage. So Cute! 

I felt so inspired after leaving Libby's house. But most of all I felt so happy to have spent the day with this wonderful woman! It was just like meeting up with an old friend, even tho our whole relationship has been through blogging. Thanks Libby for a great afternoon! 

If you want to see Libby's projects from over the years be sure to visit her BLOG and just peruse her posts. If you haven't been there before you have a lot to catch up on!

 I forgot to post this picture of Michelle Joyner from Fat Quarter Quilts Shop in Vista, CA in my last post.  She is a doll! By the way, her shop has free shipping on their website. Good stuff!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

April Activities

The Month of April has been full of fun activities! Our granddaughter Mary's wedding was the big event that we planned everything around.  Mary and her husband Mike were married in the LDS Oakland Temple on April 4th. We were so delighted to be able to be there with them! My husband Mike is on the left, and I hope Mary and her Mike are blessed with many years of happiness as my husband and I have enjoyed. The newly weds are now on their honeymoon in Hawaii! 
Here is a little selfie of me and the bride's younger sister. Some of you may remember Kathryn when she was a baby eight years ago.  I called her Plumpkin back then. She is not that anymore! I think she has my teeth, what do you think? Seriously, where did I put them? (No, not seriously, I still have my own teeth, thank heavens.)

I think my husband figured we drove about 2200 miles on our trip this month. Before the wedding we drove from Mesa, AZ to San Diego. We stayed with one of my oldest and bestest friends. We had so much fun, mostly just talking! I should have taken more photos of her house because it is charming and happy and colorful. She collects all kinds of fun things, including old quilts. She gave me a darling little ladder that I will show at a later date when I find the perfect little quilts to display on it.

I was delighted to visit two quilts shops in San Diego. I know there are lots of them, but time and money limited my visits. The first one I went to was the Fat Quarters Quilt Shop in Vista, CA.  This shop has long been a favorite and the owner, Michelle Joyner,  buys my patterns! On top of that, Michelle is the most friendly and the sweetest person ever. Her energy keeps that shop running at top speed and it is full of wonderful things. While I was there Barbara Brackman, Ladie's Album line was delivered and as Michelle was unpacking, I was buying! It is beautiful! Also, pictured below you will see our wonderful blogging friend LIBBY! From Plain and Simple blog. We met up at the shop and after that we went to a cute Mexican place for lunch and then to Libby's house. That will be the subject for another post--with photos! It was a delight, and so is Libby! what fun!

I wrote the above yesterday, but as today falls on Easter Sunday, let me wish you a beautiful day with thoughts of the Resurrection and our Savior who, through his sacrifice, provided the way for us to live again. Live each day in gratitude!