Sunday, August 26, 2012

At long last I can reveal the quilt that I have been working on. It really didn't take as long for me to complete it as it seems . Well, maybe it did, but I have excuses! Blah, blah, blah.The lovely fabrics in this quilt all come from Marcus. Something old, something new--that's the way I sew. I have a lot of trouble sticking with all one line of fabric.

Now I need to bundle it off to be quilted, and hopefully get it all packaged in time for Quilt Market in Houston in October. That means that my sewing is done for a while because I need to write pattern instructions. I am beginning to feel the panic coming on.

I received a lovely little bundle in the mail this week from Julie Letvin. Julie is the artist behind the lovely jewelry on her website, Me and My Stitches. I have been admiring her work for quite a while and to tell you the truth, I was having a hard time making a decision on which pieces I wanted to purchase. Now that they have arrived I have to tell you, they are even nicer in person! The first link is to Julie's blog and the second takes you to her website. Go-go-go!!!

Thank you for all the words of advice and encouragement in my last post. I'm drinking lots of water! (Pretend you hear that last sentence gargling).

Well, here we are in the last week of August. I don't know how that happened, but already the weather has cooled just a bit. My grandkids are back in school already! They begin earlier in the west than I am used to. Enjoy this last week of summer!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012



Welcome to my blog! Above is a Primitive Gatherings wool project that I have had almost finished for several months. I needed a little wool to complete a couple flowers. I even had the binding on it! I quilted the fabric with straight lines before I appliqued the wool in place, which is easier for me since I am not a not a quilter. (I hate to say that out loud)

I have never spoken of my voice problems on my blog, so I thought I might explain what is going on with me. Over the past three years my voice has become increasingly high pitched and scratchy. It began when I was recovering from a flu bug of some sort. The kind that leaves you coughing for months. My voice never really recovered. Finally I saw my doctor about it and he was confident that it was a result of acid reflux. I never realized I had that problem, but he started me on medication. I also saw an ENT who scoped down my nose to look at my vocal cords. Oh well, you probably don't care about all the details, but I saw the ENT again yesterday and he says one of my vocal cords is immobile and dry, this leaves the cords without the ability to vibrate and make sounds. All of this has resulted in my inability to teach or speak at functions. In fact, it is difficult to have conversation at all. My voice is but a whisper at times and it is a strain to speak. I have been referred to a different specialist who may inject my throat with something to stimulate my vocal cords. 

Meanwhile, I was referred to a speech therapist who gave me the best advice, and things my doctors failed to mention. Number one on the hit parade of advice was that I needed to drink more water to hydrate my entire body. I drank a lot, but mostly diet coke, which I found out is a diuretic, as are other caffeine drinks. They don't hydrate. I was using anti-histamines for post nasal drip and to help me get to sleep when necessary. Also a big no-no as they cause drying, as do the menthol cough drops I was using. Luckily the post nasal drip has subsided, as has the coughing, so that is helpful. So I am drinking lots of water, avoiding caffeine, and anti-histamines, and using fruit flavored cough drops when necessary. Since this problem seems to be affecting more people than I realized, I thought I would pass along what I have learned and maybe you can take steps to avoid going this far down the road.  Not looking forward to the injection!

On a side note, I am scheduled to teach at an event in October in Hampton, Virginia at the Coliseum Convention Center. It is Expo II-2012, sponsored by Bella Fabrics. For info, follow the link. They have a great selection of teachers. So after that great build-up on my voice, let me assure you that I will have a microphone! I will be teaching an all day class on my Old Elegance quilt.Come join the fun if you are in the neighborhood! Save the dates October 13th and 14th, 2012.
 Pattern available at Patchalot Patterns!

Here is my bio:
Like most quilters, Marcie is addicted to fabric. She thinks it must have first occurred the moment she was born and was wrapped in a nice soft cotton blanket. As a child she watched her grandmother and her love of sewing, and realized that she wanted to do that also. She began sewing with cotton prints and sewed through the evolution of fabric as polyester blends and then double knits became popular. Now she has come full circle and she is the grandmother, and she is sewing with lovely cotton prints again; only this time she is making quilts!  
Marcie's passion is scrap quilts. She has a large fabric collection focused on reproduction prints. When she makes a quilt, she draws from what she has on hand. She models her designs after traditional quilts and tries to add her own twist to make it unique. She sells her patterns under the name Patchalot Patterns, putting her last name in play.   
She is happy to say that she has had her quilt designs published in several wonderful magazines, including McCall’s Quilting and McCall’s Quick Quilts; American Patchwork & Quilting, Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting and Primitive Quilts and Projects.   
Spending time with her family takes priority over all and in order to see them she must travel, as they live in several different states. She is blessed with four wonderful children, nine grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. They all know that when she comes, she needs a sewing machine, Diet Coke and Hershey’s Kisses! It’s a family joke—quilts, coke and kisses! Life is good!
Oh dear, now I have to dump the diet coke reference! But life is still good, and we move forward trying to dodge obstacles that are placed before us!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beautiful Blues

 I saw this picture of a spongeware pitcher, below,  on Pinterest and got very excited! It is exactly like one that belonged to my great-grandmother that I am now lucky enough to possess. 
It has always been one of my favorite things!

When I followed the link to the page where this pitcher was listed it gave it and the soap dish a value of $380.  I would never sell mine because I am sentimentally attached!  I don't have the soap dish, but I do have mine happily arranged with other items of blue. 

These dishes, the Spode, belonged to my husband's mother. I add little things here and there to the arragement, like the little antique oval dish and the tea pot and pitcher. I have a weakness for pitchers, I must confess. The angel, by Jim Shore, travels around the china cabinet blessing all within. Kinda pretty, isn't it?
 Also displayed in the cabinet is a baby dish that was used by my husband's father who is 88 years old, and his siblings. I nested a little bird on the ledge. The cookie jar is an antique that my mom picked up somewhere and gave me many years ago. They are resting on a vintage doll quilt that I believe is from the late 1800's. 
This plate above is a newcomer to my collection. I picked it up at an antique store in Pillager, MN when we were there recently. How do you like the name Pillager? I never gave it any thought until we were there this past July, and then I became curious about what got pillaged. Hmmm. I must do a little research on that!

Friday, August 10, 2012

KISS Quilts, etc.

We made a quick trip by car (that wasn't the quick part) to Minnesota for one week. Enjoyed seeing family there and eating brats and walleye. Saw signs for many quilt shops along the way. Didn't stop. You know how it is when there is a man behind the wheel. They focus on the road and stop for nothing! Still, I enjoyed seeing the signs and knowing that they are scattered in the highways and byways across the country! 
I am still working on a couple big quilts, but have also managed to fit in a few small things.One of the big quilts I made is going to APandQ for an upcoming issue. It had tons of the 9-patches and I always make more than the quilt requires. I ended up using some of the leftovers in this scrappy little quilt above, and also in the one below.

This one was for my grandson's dresser.

 Still playing with scraps, I made this one using 1-1/2" squares. It is 24" x 24". I keep a jar on my cutting table and throw spare 1-1/2" squares into it, so I always have plenty. I cut scraps into larger size squares as well, of course. They all come in very handy. My own pre-cuts! When I was in Arizona I used all my 1-1/2" squares for that big project and now I am starting over! By the way, I call these KISS QUILTS. You know that stands for "Keep it simple stupid". Never a problem for me! They are nice little utility quilts.

The big finale is coming Monday night (8-13) for The Closer on TNT. That has been a favorite show of mine. Really great cast! I hate to see it go. They will marathon previous shows the same day in case you missed any this last season, which I am sure I have. A new spinoff will begin right afterwards called Major Crimes, staring Mary McDonnell (Dancing with Wolves). She is a very different character in this role, but maybe she likes those roles. She is awesome. 

One more show that is fairly new and you can still catch up online on TNT is called Perception. Another show with a quirky main character. I must love those shows, like Castle and The Mentalist and Monk. They are my faves! All detective shows too.
 Let's hear it for Eric McCormack in this one!

Back to the beloved Bernina!