Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Bountiful Life

Just in case you are unaware, let me tell you that Karen Mowery's book, A Bountiful Life, is arriving in quilt shops and bookstores right about now! Karen is a very dear friend of mine and I have been following her closely over the past year or so as she has secretly been preparing this book for publication, and making the quilt as well. I am so in awe of her and her talent! 
 The book is published by Kansas City Star. It is a collection of patterns from the famous Bird of Paradise quilt that is in the American Folk Art Museum. Karen has painstakingly drawn out the pattern for each block and for the extensive applique contained on the borders as well. Karen's adaptation of this quilt closely resembles the original, the exception being that Karen created the block for the missing man. The original artist drew up the block, but then decided to leave that block out for reasons we may never know. But it is truly adorable!
 Several of Karen's friends came to her rescue in appliqueing a block for her. In fact, I appliqued that beautiful bird block in the lower right corner, but sadly, it was rejected! Yes! Can you believe it? Talk about a tough taskmaster! I have never been known for my applique skills, and even tho I thought I did a pretty good job, Karen said my vines were too fat. And I don't want to hear any fat jokes! Anyway, I now have a lovely block to make into a wall hanging or pillow. 

Ask for this book at your LQS. It is also available on line at PickleDish Store and other places. 

Plus, Karen got a glowing review from Jo Morton!

 “In the ongoing effort to preserve our ties to the past, Karen’s book, A Bountiful Life, recreates this fabulous piece of American Folk Art. Like the antique quilt top, it is not quilted but is backed, tied and used as a summer spread or wall hanging. I’m so pleased that the designs are full-size and ready to use; no trips to the copy center to enlarge them. Get ready to begin stitching!” — Jo Morton

I am very excited about this book. It is a masterpiece that I want in my library just for the pictures! And because it is written by my good friend and yours, Karen Mowery!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun to Learn

Many, MANY years ago, when I was a girl I was occasionally on a TV program in Buffalo, NY called Fun to Learn. Jeanne Massing was the host of the show and she was also my Mom's best friend. The program was designed to encourage children to create things from whatever they found around the house. Just the other day my brother Rand sent me this photo. Rand is on the left, me in the middle, Jeanne, and Jack Harmson, Rand's friend, on the right. Crafting was quite simple in those days. We had paste and paper and paint and that was about it. Construction paper was also an important element. Jeanne was definitely ahead of her time in DIY TV!

 Buffalo, NY was also the television home of the Howdy Doody Show and Buffalo Bob. Great TV that! Things have sure changed, but that really was a fun show for kids. Remember Mr. Bluster and the Indian Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring? Yes, I am revealing my age, but only to those who also remember.

I think I am officially an antique!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Like I need another distraction, but there I go, falling headfirst into Pinterest. I didn't mean to do it, but suddenly I have friends inviting me to join them. How did I know it was another ship sinking me into the depths of timeless pleasure. Somehow the initials OCD seem to surface once again. I have a little Pinterest button on my sideboard now so you can follow me if you dare. Like blogs, you find yourself jumping from one point of interest to another. Unlike blogs, you don't have anything to read, just look at wonderful pictures. Yes, wonderful, amazing photos from many blogs and websites all collected onto "boards" showing the interests of each person who pins them. 
 Here is one from All People Quilt, at American Patchwork and Quilting. Such a darling idea of rolled up quilts on a shelf.
Another beautiful and interesting photo from Savvy Southern Style.  Love it!   

Maybe you are looking for a cute home dec idea. They can be found in abundance thru Pinterest. I found this great site today. Check it out.

If you are smart you will set the timer and limit yourself. Take it from one who knows!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Old Soul

Where have I been? Still in Arizona, if you can believe it. I have a house here in Mesa that I mentioned months ago, and we are very slowly, as money permits, trying to restore it to livable condition. It all takes time, but hopefully we will enjoy it when it is finished. Meanwhile my wonderful daughter-in-law provides me with a room and I occasionally cook something for dinner. Not well known for my culinary skills.

But that all is minor news compared to this!  I have a quilt appearing in the Spring issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects! Yes, it's true! First off, let me say what an exciting new magazine this is. They have only been publishing for one year and their issues have been filled with top notch designers that we all admire, including, but not limited to, Lynda Hall, Cheri Payne, Gloria Parsons, Lisa Bongean and now ME!

 Here is my quilt, OLD SOUL. I have to say that this is one of the most fun quilts I have ever made. I began it while at my daughter's house and so I dug into her scraps, most of which were my old scraps. Then I came home and added some of my newer scraps. So it is really a mish mash of fabric all tied together with a Jan Patek fabric that I used for the alternate plain squares. But wait, I ran out of that fabric and had to use an additional fabric in a few squares, so all the plain squares don't match. I seriously felt like a pioneer woman, tho I doubt they had this much fun. To top it off, my quilt was beautifully quilted by Rosemary Skinner of Virginia Beach, VA. 

If you don't already have a subscription, jump onto the Primitive Quilts and Projects site and get one now! They have offered to give you a free pattern if you subscribe for a year, and two free patterns if you subscribe for two years. Just mention my name, Marcie Patch. There is a comment box when you subscribe. You might also mention that you want to see lots more of my quilts in the future. Just a thought.

Kits will be available from the Fat Quarters Quilt Shop in Vista, CA.  Phone:760-758-8308. They also have kits for OLD ELEGANCE--photo on side bar. Check out their website after you order your subscription!