Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Christmas is over, but all you snowman aficionados, can relax. Snowmen still exist! They exist mostly through the efforts of children, and sometimes adults who are still young at heart. My very creative grandchildren built themselves a snowman this week that will go down in snowman history! Why? Because I said so, and it’s my history! Take a look at what they did with their frosty friend. Can you believe that hair? I love it!
On top of that, my very good and slightly twisted friend sent me a cartoon that I am compelled to share. Let’s send 2008 out with a laugh! Tomorrow we begin anew!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Guess what got pulled out of my daughter-in-laws Christmas box? I bet some of you will remember this pattern. It says on the back that I made it in 1988! I was not yet into quilting, but always loved working with fabric. Looking at this now, it makes me laugh, but it is still a cute design. No quilting on this at all. I just machine appliqued right through the sandwich. I have to say, I feel better about what I am doing now! LOL! Don't know how these photos are turning out on this computer.
Arizona is not as sunny as usual! In fact it has pretty much rained the whole time we have been here. When the sun comes out the air is cool. but we are glad to be here and enjoy the family, etc. I looked out the window this morning and noticed this grapefruit tree, and I swear one of the grapefruit was smiling! Can you see it? Ha ha! (Yup, I did it)!

We had a lovely Christmas and now it is over and we can relax! Today is our 41st wedding anniversary! We are not into big celebrations, but every year is a milestone, and I am grateful to have had a good and loyal companion for all these years. And he is funny too! To me, that is priceless!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Paula at A Latte Quilts tagged me to play a game. Here are the four simple rules:

*Go to the fourth photo file on your computer

*Choose the fourth picture in that file

*post it and explain

*tag four people to do the same

Here is evidence that I am not very good at following rules. What fun would it be if I actually chose the 4th picture, etc? Boring, according to my photo file. So I was just reading my granddaughter's blog and found this photo, above, of my granddaughter. She just had her wisdom teeth out and needed to do something creative with them. You can't just let them go to waste! Now with that I feel the need to ask, why are they called "wisdom teeth"? Doesn't this picture say it all?

If you have a ridiculous photo that you would like to share, consider yourself tagged! That is my new adaptation of the rules! I would love to hear back from you so I can see what you posted, but I won't make that a rule. You would just laugh and ignore me like all those sick e-mails I get that promise me good luck for the rest of my life if I pass the e-mail on to ten people within 30 seconds.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008


I have a few little things to share today. Above is my own little calico creation! I just love the way it turned out. I was sewing scrappy strips together, and thought about adding little tongues and buttons. One of my friends is receiving this in the mail, probably Monday.

This sweet little guy is from Sweden. They call him Tomte! He belonged to my Swedish mother-in-law and I am lucky enough to have him now. He has always been a favorite! His face really looks like he has spent a lot of time in the cold outdoors! Now any of you Swedes out there feel free to enlighten me.

I guess I have a thing for gingerbreadmen. I cross stitched this pillow quite a few years ago. I think the pattern was in a magazine. Just thought I would share it with you as it is one of the few things I get out at Christmas. You must think I am a big humbug, but we are never here at Christmas. Someday I will decorate again!

In spite of the fact that we never decorate, I do love making things for Christmas. I showed a picture of a mitten I made in my last post, then I got on a roll and made more. I just noticed that the kitty doesn't have his snowflake on. It is amazing what a difference these little details make! The little trees and birds are from my mother's collection of trinkets. I think she would be happy to see that I am using them. And the mittens are from old wool blankets.

Everything has been mailed and all that is left for me to do is clean the house (somewhat) and pack. Then we are off to the nice warm climate of Arizona! We have someone staying at our house while we are gone, so that is good too. I will be reading blogs as best I can from my son's house, but for now let me say, as I ride out of sight,



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Thursday, December 04, 2008


"Hang up the Christmas stockings, be sure that you don't forget! For the dear little dimpled darling, has never seen Christmas yet!" So goes the beginning of a song that my grandmother sang to me every Christmas from the time I was a baby. Does anyone know that song? I don't remember the rest. Well, no one has sung it to me for 30 years!
Every year I try to make an ornament for each of my six grandchildren. These little snowmen are my creation for this year. I took the idea from one of Cheri's snowmen and adapted it to my needs. I hand embroidered on each of them (oh for an embroidery machine)! Each child's name and the year are on the back. A few years ago I stopped making ornaments, and then my grandson caused me to reconsider. He was helping trim the tree and had all his ornaments lined up and realized that they were not current. Well you know, when grandchildren speak, grandmas hop to! So the tradition was re-established. When I had small children at home all we always had homemade ornaments. My mom was very creative and we all made whatever she designed. Now I am on my own! But the tradition continues.

My sewing room is bustling with all kinds of things in progress. Little gifty, quilty things. I also have a little candle cooker going with a lovely cinnamon-vanilla candle that is wonderfully fragrant. Josh Groban sings from his NOEL cd over and over and over. It is such a wonderful cd. For years Perry Como was my very favorite Christmas album, but unfortunately we no longer have the means to play it. I suppose I should look on I-tunes for it. But let me tell you, this Josh Groban -Noel is wonderful. My aunt gave it to me for Christmas last year. I highly recommend it!

Oh look! Another Cheri design! Many of you will recognize this design from Cheri Saffiote Payne called Embrace Each Day. I took the liberty of changing the words. I borrowed the verse that Wendy, Snippets of a Quilter, has on her blog banner, "My soul is fed by my needle and thread". We can all identify with that little verse! Hopefully "someone" will be happy to recieve this gift.

Christmas Kisses and Good Wishes to one and all!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Really, I don't deck the halls much any more because we always go to Arizona for Christmas. But I do have a few favorites that I like to get out. I LOVE my Santas! My dear and talented friend, Kathy, has made these for me over the years. When we lived in Seattle she made the Santa in the yellow slicker with the fishing pole and the fish. These are all hand made with paper mache. The Santa in the back holds all kinds of sewing objects, including a little sewing machine, scissors and fabric bundles on his back. His face is paper mache and his boots are furry, etc. The faces that Kathy makes are so detailed and beautiful! I hope these all click to open larger so you can see the detail.

I had to photograph the back of these guys as well. Look at the posture on the center Santa. It is so real! I have no idea where she comes up with all these little detail items, but she is a collector of grand scale, and finds things that many of us would pass right by.

Now as for little ol' me, I keep my activities quite simple. Last year my friend Kathy sent me a box of old wool blanket pieces. So now I am making these cute little woolly mittens. I was all over Michaels the other day looking for little things to stuff in these mittens. I found a few things, but I found the best stuff at home in a box of craft items from my mom's huge reservoir of things. I saved some of it after she passed away and now I wish I had saved more. All these little items are so old and forsaken. Chipped paint and discolored felt, etc. In other words, just perfect for all the shabby chic, primitive stuff we love!

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