Friday, May 03, 2013

I am a Scrapper!

I have been cleaning up and putting away in my sewing room. When I get serious about it I also clean up all the scraps laying around on the cutting table, floor, etc. I trim them into useable sizes and put them in appropriate boxes. It is menial labor, but relaxing to me as I listen to audible books. I feel like I am getting sooo much done! In fact, I still have a big box of scraps that are just a little too big to trim up. Ah, but I am a scrapper! I love this stuff! Making scrap quilts is always more labor intensive than a regular quilt because you have to do a lot of digging for a variety of fabric and then trim it to size. No worries, I revel it it! And using pre-trimmed pieces during quilt construction makes easy work in scrap quilt creation. So whatever I accomplish now will reward me later. 

During this process I have uncovered remnants of past quilts. I always make extra blocks and have a stash of them. I decided to put a few of these little blocks into little quilts.

These are such simple little things, but simple is always my favorite! Like many of you, I am trying to build up a nice selection of little quilts for a wall display. But I always find myself placing them under table displays or lamps, etc. 

 This one I made for my grandson's dresser. Simple and masculine I think. 

On another note, let me direct you to Lori's blog, Humble Quilts. Lori has decided to sell some of her quilts, and you know what beautiful work she does! Follow the link and see for yourself!