Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Turkey in the Straw

 Two posts in one day! Don't miss the second one below this one!

I am off to Houston tomorrow and I managed to get this little quilt done in the nick of time! As usual, my friend and quilter, Rose Skinner, did a wonderful job quilting it. She is rather fond of feathers, and filled every little crevice with them. Look at the darling little wreaths in the centers! Love it! This is my Christmas quilt for 2010, but I didn't want it to be restricted to Christmas so I searched my brain for just the right name. Finally it popped into my head! Turkey in the Straw! I had that turkey red on my mind, and I was very interested when Barbara Brackman wrote on her blog about it recently. 

You may know that "Turkey in the Straw" is an American folk song that was popular in the early 19th century. It is bright and lively, as is this quilt, so it seemed like a good fit for me. Yes, I know we are talking about different turkeys here, but I love playing with words. Coincidentally, turkey red was popular in the 19th century as well. Works for me!

I am offering this as a pattern for purchase this year. However, if you have made my Christmas patterns in the past and you really want to make this one, send me a photo of any Christmas quilt of mine that you have made and I will hold a drawing. In fact, I will hold two drawings, with extra chances for those with more photos of my quilts that you have made. A few of you have made my Christmas quilt designs every year that I have offered them and let me just say, you are a shoo in! I will announce winners when I get home from Quilt Market.

I know you are all wishing me good luck, I can feel the electricity of good vibes in the air! Thanks!

Edit: Turkey in the Straw is 30" square.

A Garden Patch

 Once upon a time there were the two little Patch Granddaughters. They loved to visit Grandmother Patch's garden and dress up in old-fashioned clothes that their grandmother made for their Aunt Jennie Patch, and their mother, Polly Patch back in the 1970's. They held their little fingers in peace signs, a remnant symbol of years gone by.
As the years passed, these darling little granddaughters grew up and moved far away. They went off to college and live in different states, but still manage to remain close and see each other almost everyday through the magic of the Internet and a program called Skype. Amazing! Mary, our blond beauty, just turned 19 and is a sophomore at BYU-Idaho. Becky is at BYU in Provo, married to the love of her life, and oh! Look at the next picture, she is bringing on the next generation of Patch descendants!
I think she is rather pleased about this, what do you think? 
Grandmother Patch is so proud of these darling girls and what fine young women they have grown into.
It is, however, Grandmother Patch's dream that someday the children will return to her garden.
It won't be long!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Come in Pieces

Have you ever written on your blog with the thought that you are sending a message into outer space with the hope of finding similar lifeforms that will respond back with a friendly message? "Hello, I come in peace"! Or maybe in the case of quilters we should say "pieces". I come in pieces? Well, you get it. Right? When you post on a blog you never know where it goes, or who reads it, or who will respond. Maybe that is the fun of it. But we all enjoy when someone responds and comes in peace or in pieces!

I always figured that preparing to go to the International Quilt Market and having a booth would be an enormous deal. It kind of is. I am really grateful that Joan and I went to spring market in Minneapolis this year. It gave me an idea what to expect. I never figured I would have a booth at the Houston market this year. But it is happening, and we are Booth # 2358! If you are going to market, please come and see me! My friend Joan is going with me, thank heavens, and also Holly, Sue and Sandra from What's Your Stitch N Stuff, here in Virginia Beach. They are all more business savvy than I am, and I am so glad to have their help! Friday Joan and I put together little shop kits of nine of my patterns, hoping that shops will buy one to take home and play with. Honestly, it is the great unknown to me. How many patterns to take, etc. Come and see  me! Tell your friends! Remember me in your prayers! Send good vibes!

I have to tell you that I have a really wonderful flyer and new business cards, both designed by Folk Artist, Karen Mowery. You probably visit Karen's blog and know of her great talent. She is such a good friend! She will show the flyer on her blog at some point. so keep watching. Meanwhile, I have appliqued a beautiful block for a quilt that she is designing. I wish I could show it to you, but it is her quilt to share and it may be a while before she is ready to do that. 

So much writing without a photo! What is wrong with me? Well let me share some darling engagement photos that were taken  by Chea Lamb Photography in Arizona, of my nephew and his fiance.

Honestly, their photographer took a ton of great photos! But of course I am focusing on the ones with quilts in them. Just thought I would share this cute idea! 

Onto the rest of this beautiful Sunday! Hope you have a lovely day as well!