Saturday, May 31, 2008


Blogging seems to have slowed down. Is it the time of year? School is ending, plants need tending, all the world is green. Time keeps going, skin is glowing, pass me the sunscreen.

You may not have been aware of my poetic tendencies. But on occasion it just bursts through!

This cute little guy is my grandson. Actually this was a few years ago. He is going to be 11 this summer. I don't know if I have shown this quilt before. I made it for Jack, as you can see. It is the Road to Oklahoma pattern by Debbie Caffrey. (Book: Open a Can of Worms)

The next quilt was made for my other grandson, who will soon be 17. They start out so cute, don't they? I love this pattern! It was in one of Nancy Martin's books several years ago. I haven't gotten much sewing done of late, so I thought I would pull a couple photos from the archives to share.

I finally have my two newest patterns printed and packaged, so if you find that you just have to have one or both of them, just go to my website to the link for ordering. Or, you can call the LQS here, What's Your Stitch N Stuff, (757-523-2711) and they help you. They are fully stocked!
It is heating up here in Virginia. I am very close to turning on the A/C. I am holding out for as long as I can. I want to cut back on fuel where ever possible!
Have a great weekend everyone! --Marcie

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I don't have anything new of my own to show, so I thought I would share a beautiful quilt made by my friend Marae who lives in Mesa, AZ. Marae is a long arm quilter and she does most of my quilts for me. Occasionally she even gets to make one for herself! She pieced and quilted this one. Marae's color choices are wonderful! The quilt is called Monterrey Medallion and was designed by Terry Atkinson. (Click on the link to see Terry's version at her website.) You know I love medallion quilts and I even have this book. I would love to make it for myself someday. Terry is a Minnesota quilter whose work I greatly admire. She creates clean and original designs and her directions are impeccable! As one who must write directions myself, I can't help but critique those written by others. I am always looking to learn a better way to create quilts and patterns. If you are a new quilter I would especially recommend Terry's designs. I bet there is not a quilt shop in America that doesn't carry them. I am a little more selective about to whom I sell my patterns. Ha ha ha ha ha ---hysterical laughter! If you have purchased my patterns I want to thank you and tell you that I admire your good taste!
So what am I working on now? Wool--I am playing with wool again. I will have a photo soon. I enjoy having something to stitch on in the evenings. It is getting hot here and we will be forced to turn on the AC, but will try and hold out until June 1st. I know it was over 80 degrees in the house today. I have to bear it for a while to convince myself that summer is here. After all, we wait all winter for it to return. I could do without the humidity though.
Tomorrow I think I will watch a flower bloom. It could be a long, quiet day. --Marcie

Monday, May 26, 2008


Today is a good day for flag waving! I see the flags displayed on many homes in our neighborhood, and they line Shore Drive as well. Flags are posted on every corner of Shore Drive, near where I live, all year long. When there are troops coming home their buses go right down Shore Drive and the flags pay tribute to them. Many times the neighbors go out and stand on the corners waiting for the buses so they can wave to the soldiers and cheer for them.

I wanted to contribute something for Memorial Day to honor our veterans. The photo shows planes flying in formation over the JFK Aircraft Carrier. I found this photo online and I think it is a beauty! The JFK was actually decommissioned last year after serving her country since 1968.

Around here we see the planes quite often practicing maneuvers in the air above us. They are stationed at Naval Air Station Oceana. Believe me they are loud! Around here we call it "the sound of freedom". I have to confess, it does give me a thrill to see them, as well as a sense of pride in the young people who serve our country. Some of the quilters with whom I associate have husbands or sons serving in the Middle East. Some actually served in the military themselves. To all of those who have served--past and present, I salute you, and I add my prayers to the many grateful people in this land of ours that you will be watched over as you watch over us.

In gratitude. --Marcie

Sunday, May 18, 2008


A new week is almost upon us, and dang! where did the old week go? Do you find time slipping away more quickly? I think we need to start a petition to put an end to that! Maybe start a lobbying group and go before Congress. All in favor? Aye!
I have been home from Arizona for a week now without much to say for myself. I have been trying to catch up on some blogs, but frankly, there are way too many, so the going is slow. I made it down to Jo-Ann Fabrics yesterday to use my 40% off coupon on the last day. I wanted to get a sheet of vinyl to cover the table on the deck now that the weather is nice. I always find it at Jo-Ann's and it is heavy duty, like they use to cover boat cushions, etc. Often they have some on the clearance table, which was the case yesterday, so I couldn't use the coupon on it. I found a nice dark blue for $6 a yard. I ended up using the coupon to purchase some fusible Pellon batting for making tote bags. I love mine and I want to make more! Also, I found this cute little Sandpiper birdie, just like the kind that run around on our beach! He is posed on a sweet little mat that my blogging buddy Joan, from Keeping You in Stitches, sent to me.

This is my latest quilt to be finished! Marae, my wonderful quilter in Arizona, quilted it for me while I was there. She did a lovely job, as she always does. The funny thing is that when I took her the quilt she quickly called her friend Debbie and they both wanted to make it on the spot! Please, I am still working on the pattern! But, sweet little quilter that I am, and being a sucker for a complement, I met them one evening and showed them the basics, and off they went with it. Yes, it is that easy! Actually, I don't design difficult patterns. I can't face writing difficult directions! And honestly, I prefer simple. So here it is, INDIAN PAINTBRUSH. I decided on that name because the border gave it a Native American feel, like arrowheads. Indian Paintbrush is actually a flowering plant that grows in the western US. By the way, the border idea is one that Joan (Keeping You in Stitches) shared with me. Thanks Joan! Also, I used a number of fabrics from the Jamestown line by Jo Morton at Andover Fabrics. Love, love, love it!

Thanks for all your nice comments about my dad from my last post. I wish I could share him with all of you, but he would probably hit on you, and then I would be embarrassed. Yeah, he's a player. And some of those ladies in walkers are not that difficult to catch! ---Marcie

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Finally I am reporting in from Arizona! I thought I would spend more time on the computer, but it has been busy here. My brother and his wife came from Minnesota for a few days and we have lots of relatives to visit here, including my dad. Last time I was here I mentioned the cool Mexican tiles at my favorite restaurant, Tia Rosa's. I took a couple pictures of them, and of my dear old dad sitting in front of them. Does he look happy or crazy? Well, maybe a little of each. That's what I love about him--he is happy AND crazy! He is doing very well now after having blood sugar and oxygen problems earlier in the year. He turned 85 in February. Now that the weather is so nice here-in the 90's, he goes to the pool every day and swims, does water aerobics and then worships the sun for a while. He LOVES the sun! So he is all tan and healthy looking. How do you like that jazzy shirt he is wearing? He brought me three new pair of pants to hem for him. A pair of gray, a pair of canary yellow, and a pair of persimmon. Nothing shy about my dad! Have I mentioned that I adore him?

A while back I showed pictures of this quilt in progress. The primary fabrics are from the Prairie Paisley line by Minick and Simpson, from MODA. I finally completed the quilt top and took it over to my wonderful quilter who happens to reside here in Mesa. I dropped off two others as well that she will have completed for me before I go home. Pictures of those will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, this quilt is made from the Patchalot Pattern's Wintergreen design. I have dubbed it Summertime Blues. I will show it again once it is quilted, but couldn't resist posting a photo of it draped across the bushes in my son's front yard.

My aunt loaned me a wonderful little book called The Quilters, by Patricia Cooper and Norma Bradley Allen. It has been around for years, but is new to me. I loved it! It is a compilation of interviews with quilters. The introduction says this: "This book is about a group of women who make quilts in Texas and New Mexico. They are our ancestors. We sought them out because we were interested in their art. We bought quilts from them, sold quilts for them, and in the process became so impressed with their wisdom and strength as individuals that we wanted to record what we could of their lives. Through them we came to know our grandmothers and mothers, and finally to know ourselves. Through long conversations, visits, shared work, we got a sense of our history we had not before experienced." This book is a little treasure, and a tribute to those women who have gone before us and whose work and art we carry forward. I love connecting with our roots! I bet you will love it too!

Bye for now! --Marcie