Sunday, March 29, 2009


Here is our beautiful bride and new daughter-in-law, Keira Patch! The pictures were taken outside the Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka: Mormon) in Las Vegas, Nevada. My youngest son, Renn, finally snagged this darling girl after a long search! We couldn't be happier with his choice, and also hers, of course! They will continue living in Provo, Utah for a while as they are both working and going to school there.

They both look so happy!

For those of you who follow my blog and have become my friends, I hope you enjoy a few of our family photos. Below, Renn and Keira, of course; and Renn and his nephews, and Grampa Jim, and our little Plumpkin with my husband--isn't that the cutest photo? She is also pictured with her dad, aka: the pharmacy student who may or not love me (see previous post).

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We were so happy to be able to come from all across the country to celebrate Renn and Keira's wedding. I love my family so much and enjoy their company and affection when we are able to be together. Usually when the group is this large it is difficult to get enough time with each individual, and of course that one on one time is where we are best able to forge intimate bonds of love and friendship. We look for more of that in the future.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I just wanted to post a quick note to say I am alive, barely. My son's wedding was March 14, in Las Vegas. All went well and he is very happy. His wife is a sweetheart and I look forward to knowing her. She loves my son, that is very clear, and that makes me very happy! More pictures and stuff in a few days after I get home and recover.

Yes, I am sick. Whatever bugs my grandchildren were carrying around attacked my husband last week. I was feeling a little smug as he caught it and I didn't. "I had a flu shot", I proclaimed! Well now I have it, and it is death warmed over. I am hacking and sneezing and coughing my guts out.

I went to Montana with my daughter and family after the wedding. Her husband is in pharmacy school. I lined my medications up in front of him and asked, "what cold medicine can I take while taking these". He did a little research on line and told me I shouldn't take pseudofed with my blood pressure medicine. I told him I have taken it before and it didn't kill me. "Try taking two", he glibly replies. Very funny.

I will be back in a couple days when, hopefully, it won't hurt to laugh.

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Or maybe I should say, "cheep decorating". Yeah, it's me playing with words again. I like birds and find cute ones from time to time. This plate rack has become one of my favorite little places to decorate and change with the season. I have shown it before in other arrangements. This time I put this antique bird book up with a nest and a couple little birds that are both made of wood. I am not very clever, so sometimes the decorating comes a piece at a time. I will walk by and think of something to add until I have it the way I like it. They will never hire me for HGTV, I am just too darn slow! Even if I think up a cute name, which is really one thing I seem to be good at. But wait, they do have those cameras that speed things up. It could look like I really think and move fast! Speaking of moving slow, I wonder how long it will take for this quilt top to reach Tracey in Australia? Tracey is collecting blocks to make quilts for victims of the bush fires that destroyed so many homes and lives in Australia recently. I had a top that I never managed to get quilted and so I sent it along to Tracey. I hope she will find a volunteer quilter to finish it up for someone.

Our nasty, cold weather of last week has turned, and this weekend it was in the mid 70's here. Today my husband and I went to eat at Bubba's. They have outdoor seating on a bay inlet, and the weather was perfect for sitting outside. Yummy crabcake for me, thank you very much!
I wish you all pleasant weather and smooth sailing into the new week!

Friday, March 06, 2009


Remember that wedding? Well it is fast approaching! Of course we knew that March 14 would come quickly when they only announced their wedding in January. My son is nothing, if not decisive! Above you can see how he has changed through the years! The photo of Renn in the gray T-shirt was last summer when he visited us here in Virginia. They are preparing a video slideshow of Renn and Keira, his wife to be, for the wedding reception, so I have been going through photos all day long, scanning, etc. I couldn't resist sharing a few with those of you who have any interest, which I realize is not many. But at least I know my family will get a kick out of seeing these, and sometimes I have to consider their enjoyment when I write on my blog. After all, life has to include more than just quilts, doesn't it? Posted by PicasaAnd this is the happy couple! Renn and Keira! They are both 30 years old. Isn't it nice they finally found each other? We are all delighted! And we can't wait to meet her! Yes, you heard me right--we haven't even met her! They are both working and going to school in Provo, Utah which is 2300 miles from here! All our kids and grandkids will be there and my Dad and other family members. I am a little anxious, but really, I can't wait!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I am not usually into the wearable arts thing. I admire it, and the fine work involved, but it is just not me. Being the conservative soul that I am, I could never wear this jacket either. But isn't it just so cool? It is all wool! Apparently the judges liked it also.

This is just a short post with another picture to share from Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest '09. Enjoy and be inspired!

Monday, March 02, 2009


What is the point of showing a whole quilt if it doesn't enlarge? So I reposted these pics with the hope of better viewing.


Whether or not to go back to Quilt-Fest was actually the question. See that foreboding sky? The birds are holding on tight to the wire, which wouldn't be my first choice in inclement weather. The weather was very nice on Thursday when we went, but over the weekend it turned miserable. Sunday Joan and I faced the storm with the heat turned up in the car and drove back to Newport News.
This time we really had no purpose other than just wandering. We wandered back to the Olde Green Cupboard, of course. This time I got a picture of my new best friend, Gloria, who also happens to own the shop. See Karen Dianne's quilt on the left behind me? And of course my Indian Paintbrush quilt too. I should point out that Gloria kitted it up with a scrappy background, like Karen Dianne made hers. Everything comes out looking rather vintage by the time Gloria is done picking fabric. Anybody want a kit? Call the Olde Green Cupboard!
I really feel bad for those that have to drive today in this nasty weather. At least OGC is heading south.

A little show and tell: I loved this quilt! It is so beautifully done. I love house blocks. Look at this darling block with the little trellis going up the front of the house and the darling tree, etc. Beautiful!
Here is the whole quilt to feast your eyes on. I do not do this kind of work, but I surely appreciate and admire it.
Hope you are having a beautiful day where ever you are. I am not, but I will make the best of it---indoors!