Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Variety of Feathered Friends

Our clever blogging friend Julie from Julie K Quilts made my pattern called Feathered Friends, and then she took it a step further. She made this darling tote bag! I love it so much that I must make one like it for me!
 Here is Julie's table topper or wall hanging. This turned out darling also!
If you read Julie's blog you already know that she makes lots of strip quilts. She is very creative and it is always fun to see what she is making. On top of all that talent Julie is a real sweetheart as well. We meet the nicest people on quilting blogs! 

 I am also very impressed with Janet from Mrs Sew and Sew. Not only is she a really neat person, but she has the magic touch with fabric choices. Here is Janet's adaptation of Feathered Friends. As you can see, she stretched it out to cover her dresser. Check out her blog too!
Both of these projects are a wonderful examples of how quilters adapt patterns to suit their needs. 
 Here is my original version of Feathered Friends. Most of it came from a charm pack that gave me a pretty selection of colors and textures. 

 Don't forget my BOGO sale going on now--it ends Tuesday, April 30. Find the pattern under Doll Quilts and make one for yourself!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Button Bandits

I just want to remind those of you who may still want to take advantage of the *BOGO* sale at Patchalot Patterns that the sale ends Tuesday, April 30th.
Button Bandits has been a very popular recent design and it is back in stock! This whimsical little quilt combines simple piecing with wool birds and is embellished with buttons. Did you know that crows are attracted to little objects that they can pick up and hide? I know I have told this story before, but years ago my Great-grandfather Chambers had a large crow that adopted him. He would wait for Grandpa to come home from work and then hop off the roof and onto his shoulder and ride into the house with him. He would hide little things behind sofa cushions, etc. They discovered keys and other shiny objects in strange places and finally found that it was all the work of their feathered friend! These Button Bandits are dedicated to Grandpa's crow! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dear Little Rembrandt

I mentioned two months ago that our dear little Rembrandt, the kitty who entertained us on Karen's blog Sew Primitive, had found a home. Many of us were concerned about Karen's cats after she passed away and so we were gratified to know that they had been adopted by new families. Well, about two weeks ago I received the sweetest email from Sandi in Atlanta letting me know that Rembrandt now resides with her family! Sandi doesn't have a blog, but she read Karen's blog and she reads mine, and maybe yours! She said she enjoys seeing Rembrandt's picture on the side of my blog and that Rembrandt is being loved by her family in her new surroundings. Rembrandt has always been a little skittery and so Sandi sees her zipping from one hiding place to another as she becomes familiar with the house and the hiding places. She also comes out for food and affection. Good to know! I imagine she is getting to know the children, but Sandi says she hasn't quite warmed up to the dog! Karen's house was very quiet, as you might imagine. Filled with fabric and art supplies, it was Karen's own little den of creativity. I can't believe Karen has been gone almost three months. I miss her every day. I often go back to her blog and read old posts from when she was healthy and productive and funny! How nice to have that available at my finger tips. I am so touched that Sandi would contact me and assure me that Rembrandt is being loved and cared for. That was such a concern of mine. I know Karen would be pleased to know that Rembrandt is in a loving home. And now I have made a new friend online as well! Thank you Sandi! 

Ever the artist, Karen had rooms dedicated to her many endeavors. 
Thanks for stopping by! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fabric Love

I have to share some yummy fabric I got in the mail recently. On her blog Barbara Brackman has been showing her new line called Metropolitan Fair, by Moda. I fell head over heels for it and had to find some for myself. 
Then Judie Rothermel, who designs for Marcus, has a beautiful new line called Civil War Melodies, and I gasped when I saw it online. 

 You know how we all try and set up a pretty little vignette when we display something. According to Wikipedia, "a vignette is a short impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment or gives a trenchant impression about a character, idea, setting, or object". So here is my attempt. But now I have to look up "trenchant".

And here is a close up so you can get a better look at the wonderful fabric. Oh yum!

I have not purchased fabric for a really long time and so I didn't even feel guilty when I got it. No, in fact I felt so good that I decided I better clean my obscenely messy sewing room to justify feeling this good. Still cleaning...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Primitive Quilts, Projects and ME!

How many of you got this in the mail this week? I did! And guess what? I have a small, cute and easy project in this issue! And I bet you have everything you need to make it right at home because it is *scrappy*, like most of the stuff I make. No, mine is not on the cover, but when you open the cover you will be blown away by all the cuteness in this magazine! Yeah, I love that cover quilt too.

 This is a great issue! It has so many cute projects in it
that I don't know where to begin!

 Well, let's begin with mine! I hope you like it. This is a version of the one in the magazine. To see the actual one that was published check out the link to their website shown below. This one is smaller. Isn't it sweet?
Here is a photo PQ and P sent me to use on my blog.

My friend Kimber has two darling projects in here as well! She designs the cutest pincushions! Also she is an editor in a variety of magazines, including this one! Check out Kimber's Blog! See her talent for yourself!

Here are all the projects in this issue:
I Pledge Allegiance by Becky Delsman and Kim Schueffner
Latte Gone Wrong by Bonnie and Madison Condon
Blazing Stars by Deanne Eisenman
Crazy Purse by Brenda Laffoon and Kathy McGlothlen
Let Freedom Ring by Laural Arestad
Somerset by Dawn Heese
Hospitality by Norma Whaley
Butternut by Kay Harmon
Les Belles Fleurs by Kimber Mitchell
Calico Pennies by Marcie Patch-ME!
North and South by Melissa Lussier
Al the Owl by Logan O'Bier
Rhapsody in White by Nancy Moore
Friendship Garden by Pam Buda and Lynne Hagmeier
Autumn All Around by Tonee White
Down Home by Tonya Robey

If you don't have a subscription yet, you can sign up quickly at the Primitive Quilts and Projects website. Do this for yourself and be happy! 

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Let's go BOGO!

I must be feeling better because my mind is beginning to think about my Patchalot Patterns business again! My life has been filled with family and surgery, etc. And that is all good. I am happy, but now I feel like I want to get things moving again with Patchalot Patterns! So to kick that off, let's celebrate Spring with a BOGO sale! Recently I saw an ad for a BOGO sale and wondered, "what is a BOGO and why do I need one?" You probably already know the answer to that, and I can't believe I didn't. My husband is a retailer and I hear the lingo all the time. The acronyms are getting out of hand! BOGO simply means 'buy one get one'. Yes, BOGO! Who can't get behind that? Doesn't it make you want to dance! Do the BOGO!
Here are a few of the patterns available

So here's the deal, if you have been tempted to buy patterns online at my website,, but have hesitated, now is your chance to buy one and get one free. Two patterns for the price of one! Buy any pattern that you like and then choose from all the patterns, except the ones marked NEW in red, as your free choice. I will email you after your purchase to ask which pattern you want for free. This sale is for retail customers only, of course. And the shipping is free too. Win-win! This sale will go until the end of March. I have never done this before, and who knows when I will do it again? I am unpredictable.

(Thanks for catching my mistake. Yes, the BOGO is until the end of April. I am not as good yet as I thought!)

My website has PayPal on it for easy and safe purchasing, but if for any reason you are uncomfortable with that, please call me with a credit card and you can place your order over the phone. Don't be surprised if you hear my scary voice. 

 We got some good news last week that my son and his wife are expecting another baby! I am so thrilled! That has me thinking "baby quilts" again, and so I have been designing! I can't wait to begin creating! Girl? Boy? I really don't care, I just want to cuddle! And I want to get on this baby project right away! Yes, I am definitely on the mend!

Friday, April 05, 2013

A blanket of snow = Snow Quilts

As I look at these magnificent images of quilts in the snow I have to admit that making them from fabric is a lot more forgiving. So I have to pick out a few stitches once in a while. What does this guy do when he goofs? Wait for a blizzard to cover his mistakes?
 Snowshoe artist, Simon Beck creates these masterpieces while tramping over frozen lakes in Savoie, France. Each design covers the area of about three football fields. That is a lot of tramping. You can see more of Simon's designs HERE! I just wanted to share this beauty and add another page to the ever evolving art of quiltmaking. Amazing! 

Well, I had my surgery a week ago today. I am still feeling a little groggy and taking naps, etc. My throat is still swollen and looks gross and my voice is still low and gravely. Hoping for improvement! Actually, I do feel a little better each day. Catching up on TV and actually I get a little sewing in each day. I almost have all the blocks done for one of my big UFOs pictured below. More later on that.
  Now it's back to the couch.