Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another sunny, but cold day in Mesa, AZ. And by cold, I mean it is 54 degrees, so don't feel too sorry for us. I have to wear a sweater when I go outside! Pretty brutal, huh?

Since Christmas is over I have gotten a couple little projects quilted that I made last year. You may recall that I am not much of a machine quilter, unless it involves straight lines. So when I can accomplish this and it turns out OK I am happy! Here are a couple of examples:
 The first little quilt with the trees is one of my free designs from a few years ago. Initially it was much larger, but I decided to make a few that are much smaller, and they were great for gifts. It measures 12-1/2 inches, as does the little one next to it. That one is a Cheri Payne design that she had on her blog several months ago, HERE. Check Cheri's blog for a new project she is sharing right now!
 This little quilt was born from extra little 1-1/2 inch 9-patches left over from another Cheri project that I showed HERE. Cheri calls it Sew Thankful. I just got that one quilted too. The beautiful blooming amaryllis is from my Dad. He bought it for me before Christmas and I have watched as it sprouted from that big bulb and bloomed. A family tradition I guess. My Mom used to get one every year, so I always think of her when I see one.
 Sew Thankful, all quilted and rather dull looking in color, but the perfect primitive looking quilt. Thanks Cheri!

 Finally, I want to share this darling copper bucket that I picked up at TJ Maxx for $10! Can you believe it? I love the shape and the color, with some blue showing as copper does when it becomes oxidized.  Then the darling frame my aunt gave me.
 Finally, a little showing off. This is Isaac and Ellie, my son's children, who came to spend Christmas with us this past December. Oh, and George, who I dare not forget, as he demands his own chair at the dinner table. It is pretty clear that babies make the world go round. They certainly make our world go round!

I am so hooked on Hulu and Netflix. I love watching complete TV series, one episode after another! I got into Once Upon a Time and watched two seasons and am now caught up. Also, Scandal is a great show! I am caught up on all episodes of that as well. Now I am into a series called Flash Forward. Most of these I can watch while sewing, but Flash Forward requires concentration. Are you watching anything good?


Friday, January 04, 2013

Winter Blues

I know it has been a while, with Christmas, New Year's, etc. all taking a share of our time. I actually have a few things to show, but the thing I am most excited about right at this moment is this:

My granddaughter Becky, mother of the twins, made these darling quilts for her boys! Aren't they terrific? She wrote all about it on her blog. I am just so proud of her. She made two other bed quilts also in big bright colors. Her fabric choices are young and vibrant and suit her. 

Becky lives in Salt Lake City, and I am currently in our home in Mesa, AZ. One thing I have noticed is that these two areas are big on the bright, young designers. I personally am into the reproduction fabrics and favor the traditional quilts, leaning toward old fashioned. I'm old and I'm not afraid to say it! Ha! I know I told this story once before, but Becky and I were in a fabric store one day and they had some Judie Rothermel fabric on sale. I bought several yards of this brown print. I told Becky that one day she would inherit all my fabric, and she said, "Well then don't buy that"! I have been laughing about it ever since! 

I seriously don't know where I am going to shop here in Mesa. I may be shopping mostly on line or on trips. Can I adapt? I like the modern fabric, but I seriously don't know what to do with it. Pretty funny, huh? I guess that as long as Jo Morton and Judie R are designing fabric, I will be buying it.  
I made the little quilt above for my friend Karen Mowery of Sew Primitive. I was able to spend some time with Karen when I was in Atlanta in December visiting my daughter. 
Take a close look at this photo and you will see that our clever Karen has put pieces of straws on the pegs for the spools so that she can stack them two high. Genius!

Oh, I should mention that I finally opened a Facebook page for Patchalot Patterns! I would love it if you click LIKE on it!

Best wishes for a very happy 2013!