Saturday, April 25, 2009


Just thought I would travel back in time and show you the very first quilt I ever designed. I called this one Scrappy Patches, and it won me a ribbon in the Block Party guild quilt show that I was in at the time, in Bellevue, WA. This was about ten years ago, and before we were blessed with so many wonderful reproduction fabrics. I find it interesting to note that the quilts that I design today are not unlike that first one. My preference in quilts has not changed, although I do believe I have learned quite a bit along the way.
The above picture is a portion of a quilt that I designed and just finished. It is off to the quilters! I am working on directions and can't wait to show you the finished quilt. This is just to, hopefully, whet your appetite. You might notice that RED is still my favorite color!

I have had a sudden influx of individual orders for the Indian Paintbrush pattern this weekend. After visiting a couple of my favorite bloggers, I discovered why. Karen, the Mistress of Leehaven, has posted her Indian Paintbrush quilt on her blog again today. Karen completed hers quite a while ago, and it is a beauty! Also, Mary at Quilt Hollow, just completed herIndian Paintbrush quilt, and has it on display for us. Be sure and take a look at both these blogs in case you haven't been there yet.  I should have mentioned this earlier, but the Olde Green Cupboard has been at the Paducah quilt show with lots of kits and patterns for Indian Paintbrush as well!  

Don't be left out of this ordering frenzy! Visit Patchalot Patterns web site and order your pattern today! I always honor Canadian customers with the same postage rate as US. 

As always,  stitch a little, Patchalot!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


The grip of growing older is becoming more firm. Right now the grip is firmly around my left thigh as it burns and cramps up on me if I am on my feet for a while and mostly while I am in bed sleeping. It has turned my favorite place of refuge, my bed, into a pit of potential pain! Doctor gave me medicine for the pain and told me I have some arthritis in my joints. But it is my thigh muscle that hurts! Since January! 

And then there is the problem of my brain cells. You can almost see them fleeing like rats off a sinking ship. I was looking for something in the file of paid bills yesterday when I came across our most recent cable bill with the check I had written stapled to the back of the bill. Apparently I mailed the cable company the carbon copy. Duh!

I have been doing goofy things like this for a few years (or more, depending on who you talk to). Recently I was at Home Depot inquiring after an octagonal window that we need to replace.  I was checking sizes and what have you, when I actually asked the man what the circumcision of the window was. Yes, I did. Fortunately, I don't think he was really paying any attention to me. I have reached the age of invisibility. So I picked the remaining crumbs of my brain up off the floor and ran for the exit door.

Speaking of invisible people, I imagine Susan Boyle was feeling that way as well, until this past week. You have probably seen clips of this British woman on TV, as everyone is trying to cash in on her now. If you haven't seen the YouTube film, you need to watch the whole performance. It is a stunner! I have never seen an expression of awe like this on Simon's face before.

Watch this and rejoice in the talent of an ordinary person with an extraordinary gift!  

Friday, April 10, 2009


Long, long ago, before I ever made a quilt, my aunt got me started making hexagons. My color choices were pinks and blues, and I am sure some of you can date this project fairly well. You probably even recognise some of the fabrics! After reading about Libby's hexagon adventures, I took mine out of hibernation for inspection.  Each individual hexagon measures 2 inches across. What on earth will I ever do with them?  I know what I should do with them, but will I? It is doubtful. I have about 30 of them. Anybody interested? Only respond if you actually will do something with them. I want them to go to a home where they will grow into something productive! If too many respond I will have a drawing a week from today.

Well leave it to Libby to draw me into her fun! I started following links from her posts to others who are creating very nice hexagon projects. So I started playing around. I know there are some nifty methods out there these days, but I came up with my own little tricks, so I thought I would share my madness.

First I trace a hexagon template to a strip of freezer paper. I fold the freezer paper several times, then cut around the drawn hexagon. This gives me four to six hexagons. If you are concerned with the freezer paper slipping, you can actually press the layers together on the outside edges with an iron. Don't press within the lines of the hexagon tho, 'cause it will seal it together. 

Next, press the hexagons to the back side of fabric, shiny side down, of course.  Trim around each hex leaving a seam allowance. Fold the seams over and baste down using some yukky colored thread that you don't like any more.
Now you can sew your hexagons together into pretty patterns. My current hexagons measure 1-1/4 inch across. They are still not as small as some that Libby did, but they are a size that I am happy with for creating a table topper, or whatever this turns into.Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I can't remember if I showed the above photo before, and I am too lazy to check back through my blog right now. These are my friends here at home that I pal around with when possible.  The photo shows Sue, me and Joan at the Olde Green Cupboard booth at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest. We just couldn't get enough of that booth! Gloria, the shop owner, and the other gals there, were just so friendly and fun that we wanted to keep hanging out with them. Also, notice that they made up my Indian Paintbrush pattern (in background) and had kits! They are traveling around to different shows, so if you see them in a show near you, stop by and say hello, and buy a kit! Yes, I am shameless, but truthfully, they had other really great kits too. So you could buy Indian Paintbrush and another kit as well!This darling notebook was made for me by my friend Sue. Wool applique, as you can see. It is darling! Don't we all love friends who know just what we like?!

And just to prove that I have been sewing, or at least I was sewing before the wedding, here is a little progress that I have made on my House Sampler quilt. This is a pattern by Cheryl Wall of Country Quilts. Follow that link to see some of her beautiful creations. 

I am still suffering from the illness attacked me in Montana. Oh, I haven't even mentioned Montana. I drove with my daughter and grandkids back to Missoula after the wedding. I will have to remember to share more of that when my brain clears.  Meanwhile, I need to grab a diet coke and go back to the sewing room and get busy! Ideas are brewing in my brain. Are they real or delusions brought on by illness? Wait and see!