Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love in Stitches


I adore samplers! Many years ago I did quite a bit of counted cross stitch. Recently I took it up again. I was hesitant because, let's face it, the old eyes aren't what they used to be. But the ladies at the cross stitch shop assured me that I could do it, and they showed me how. This time I am stitching on linen, which scared me, until they told me to count over two threads. Whew! So I decided to give it a try. Now I am focusing on samplers. The design above was a free design shown on Barb and Alma's blog. You may have to scroll way back to find it. They recommend that you stitch in the name of a loved one, and I thought that was a sweet idea, so this one has my grandmother's name and birth year on it.

 I showed this sampler in progress quite a while ago, and I finally finished it, and I love it! This one is in the Blackbird Design's book, You're Invited. I am feeling very proud of myself, and I haven't gone blind. Yet. I made this sampler in remembrance of my little baby, Mary, who died on the day she was born. The sampler gives the year, 1976, and a heart for love, as well as a butterfly, which is a symbol of eternal life, and "Forget Me Not". These items were all on the original design and all very appropriate. To me, this sampler is a reminder that she was here, though briefly.

I took my work to the cross stitch shop here in town called Dying to Stitch. They have a framing service and Patti did a beautiful job framing them for me! I am delighted! Browse around their website for a glimpse of some lovely samplers.

I know I promised my new wool pillow, etc., but that will have to wait until next time. I am way too excited to get my samplers back from the shop all framed up! I just had to share that today!


Friday, June 18, 2010

A Gift for the Gifted!

Say hello to the winner of my drawing! I am so happy to be able to send this package of goodies to Michele from With Heart and Hands. Michele is my hero in so many ways. When you read her blog you will find out why. Michele has devoted her life to the service of others. She works hard to see that the needs of her elderly parents are taken care of, plus she spends countless hours working in schools and in the community wherever she is able. Then there are the quilting projects that she happily donates to worthy causes. As if that were not enough, Michele has a blog that is so informative on so many subjects. I think she loves research for the pure joy of discovery, but then she shares the fruits of her labors with anyone who reads her blog. Michele is more than gifted, she is blessed. Blessed in the sense that she knows who she is and she finds peace and serenity in what she does. She has never told me that, but I can feel it about her. If I ever get to Heaven I hope to meet Michele and get to know her better. (Well, she lives in Oregon/Alaska, I probably won't meet her in my lifetime!)

After that big write-up, I want to assure you that I really did draw Michelle's name from the pile of comments submitted. Thank you all for your comments. Don't forget to come back again just for the pleasure of reading my when I have time to write something interesting. I have a cute wool pillow I want to show you next time, and I must tell you about my granddaughter who is in Africa right now!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Anyone Coming Home?

Raise your hand if you know who this is? 
If you guessed Jo Morton, you are right! By the time I met her at market I realized that I was the only one taking photos of the stars, and so I kind of restrained myself. Was I being silly? Were they flattered, or did they find me obnoxious? I don't really know, but they were all very gracious about it. I was delighted to meet Jo and was quick to tell her that I am a friend of Karen Mowery, whose patterns Jo has promoted.

This is Jo's beautiful new book, Coming Home. It is available at your local quilt shop, I am sure. And if they don't have it, they will order it for you. Yes, you can order it on line, but why not give your LQS a break and buy from them. They need our business. And we need them!

On the other hand, you might get lucky and win this book from me, because I am having a drawing! Yes I am! Just leave a comment before Thursday night and I will announce the winner over the weekend. I will also include the McCall's Quick Quilts magazine in which my quilt, American Dreamer, is featured, along with my two newest Patchalot Patterns.

Any takers???

P.S. Please don't announce this drawing on your blogs. I want it to be for people who are regular readers.

Thursday, June 03, 2010


This little granddaughter of mine always keeps us laughing. I have to share her latest remarks. I was talking to her mother on the phone the other day and she commented that there was a deer lying under the tree in her backyard, and then she saw a couple more lying there. She said to me, "I wonder where the babies are? We usually see babies by now". My little Plumpkin pipes up and says, "Maybe they grabbed their stomach and said, ugh, I have to lay down".  Plumpkin just turned five years old. Many of you have seen little bits of her on my blog over the years. Thank Heavens God invented children! They bring such joy into our lives!

After meeting so many big designers in the business, I have to say that this may have been my biggest thrill! This is Monica Patch and her mother, Karen Bennett, of Nellie's Needle. They design patterns and had a lovely booth at Market. Monica handed me a brochure as I passed her booth on the last day of market. When I saw the name Monica Patch on the flier I did a double take! When I saw her 801 area code (Utah) I knew we were related. We had a wonderful visit. Our husbands are first cousins and I have always loved her husband who is the same age as my kids. She and her mom came over to my SIL's where Joan and I were staying, and we got to know them a little. Great people, great patterns! Check them out!   
This is one of Monica's darling quilts. You have to take a close-up look at it. It has yo-yos all around the inner border! She shared her secret construction methods with me, but you need to buy her pattern for all the info. What a clever girl! (I just looked at their website and couldn't find the pattern!--Sorry. Hopefully it will be out soon).

This booth was so adorable! Riley Blake is a fabric company out of Salt Lake City. If their booth is any indication, I would say that they will be a noticeable force in the market very soon. 

If you read all the way to the bottom of this post, you deserve to know that I plan to have a give-away very soon! Come back again!