Thursday, July 21, 2011


Can it actually be July 21st? I just returned from Arizona, land of heat waves and dust storms and also my family. I have a very nice LA quilter there who finished up three little quilts for me. This one I made years ago and uncovered it recently and decided that my new little granddaughter could use it while she is still so small, then later have it as a doll quilt. It is 30" square, so she will not use it for long, probably. The quilting is adorable and really makes it, so I hope you can view it close up. I hate to see unfinished tops languishing in boxes. The colorful border gives this just the right finish. It makes me smile to have it done!

 Also, thanks to Carol at Brown Quilts, I got going on patriotic pillow cases. After making a couple to send Carol for her friend's cause (distributing to hospitalized soldiers) I decided my grandkids needed them also. You know how easy it is to make several while you are on a roll? I bought some fabric and used up some from my stash. That wavy flag fabric has been around for years! If you would like to use up some of your patriotic fabric for a good cause, hurry and make a pillowcase or two to send Carol.
 My main purpose in going to Arizona in heat that is over 100 degrees was to make some decisions on a house that we own there. Our renters moved out and since we are so close to retirement we are fixing it up for us to move into...eventually, but not immediately. This is what it looks like now. We tore down a wall here and really opened it up. I was trying all kinds of paint colors and I finally chose one that I hope will work. None of those in the photo, however. I seem to know what I am doing with fabric colors, but when it comes to paint I am a disaster. It never looks the way you expect it will and then it changes to different colors as the light changes. I seriously am praying that I picked a good color because they are going to paint all the walls in the whole house that color!
Meanwhile, the twins passed their 4 month mark! We celebrate every day with new pictures on Becky's blog. (Oh right, so today she doesn't have any!)

Most of the country is under a heat wave, so stay cool my friends!  


Monday, July 04, 2011

Liberty Belles

No company here today, making it pretty much business as usual. My husband made the astute remark that the only thing that makes holidays worth celebrating is KIDS! Our kids may as well live on another planet. So today we went out for lunch at a less than desirable place, the best one being closed. Then I went to my sewing room to turn this little cross stitch project into a pillow. 

 I worked up this little project during the winter. It is called Liberty Belles (love the name) by Little House Needleworks. I have so many little stitcheries that have not been turned into anything finished, so I am happy to get this one done. I had just enough big rick-rack left from an earlier project to add to the two ends.

It is getting dark earlier than usual tonight and I just heard this huge crash outside and thought maybe someone lit off a stick of dynamite. But no, it is thunder cracking loudly close by. People have been staking their claim to spots on the beach all day long and our street is lined with many more cars than usual. There are always wonderful fireworks at the beach on the 4th of July, and now it is raining. I feel sad for all the people and especially the kids who look forward to this big event. I wonder if the fireworks will get rained out?

Hope all you Americans are having a happy holiday!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

It's a Grand Old Flag

I love pictures with flags! This one happens to be my grandfather, I think around 1907. Just guessing by his age. How do you like that outfit? I wouldn't be surprised if he was marching in a parade that day.

Wally Winspear, about 1907 

I just was visiting Minick and Simpson's blog and they have a link to Jimmie Cagney dancing his heart out. Honestly, you should go see the video, it is awesome! I remember watching his movies when I was a kid and they had the old movies on late at night. I watched a lot of the old black and whites when I was up babysitting or whatever. Cagney made Oscar winning Yankee Doodle Dandy in 1942. Some of those old movies just can't be beat, even in black and white!

This is my darling granddaughter, Danielle, taken at our house a few years ago. Another flag waver! The quilt behind her is a favorite old pattern from Little Quilts!

Here is a quilt of my own design that McCall's published last summer. It is called American Dreamer and Minick and Simpson designed the fabric. They really do patriotic well! I mentioned once before in a blog post how active they have been in providing quilts for the military and funds as well. They are awesome! I can't tell you how much respect I have for them!

You can help too, just click this link for Quilts of Valor to find out more.

So I just wanted to share a little bit this 4th of July weekend! Hope it is a good one for you and yours!