Sunday, October 18, 2015

Family time in Virginia Beach

Summer has come and gone without a stitch. Yes, I mean truly without a stitch. "How is this possible," You may ask? Well for one thing, we were lucky enough to have company visiting on a few occasions. I guess it is considered kind of rude to lock yourself in the sewing room when you have guests to visit with. 

Over the 4th of July our family from Arizona came to visit. We decided to re-pose granddaughter Danielle in front of the little quilt where her picture was taken so many years ago.

Danielle and her mom, Anna Marie at the beach
My granddaughter Mary and her husband Mike enjoying the water. Everyone enjoyed the beach night and day!

Food and family, nothing better!

In October my daughter Polly and granddaughter Katie came to visit. Katie is home-schooled so they manage to get their schooling in wherever they are. Plus, they are able to visit interesting and even historical places off-season.

Jamestown Settlement is a great place to visit!
The museum there is fabulous! (No photos allowed)
They also have guides in clothes typical of the era who explain how the people lived in that very primitive time. There are replicas of the huts that the Indians lived in, including animal skins and utensils on the walls and cots. The above shows Katie standing next to a skunk skin!

This ship is a replica of the Susan Constant, one of the three ships that sailed into the Chesapeake Bay and up the Jamestown River to settle. The ships actually landed about a mile from where we live in Virginia Beach, VA.
You would not believe how small these ships actually are! I can't even imagine crossing the ocean in this! A two month journey! I love all this historical stuff and love reading about how they lived, etc. And I am very thankful for my soft life in current times!

The Virginia Beach Aquarium is always on the list of things to do here. Katie really loved the turtles and felt that one was especially fond of her as well.

It has been a wonderful summer here in Virginia Beach! Possibly my last. More on that in the future.

Thanks for checking in on me and my very irregular writing schedule!