Friday, May 25, 2012

Hot weather and hot quilts!

Just a quick little post before the weekend begins. I am still in the desert living in a refrigerated house. My aunt said the silliest thing yesterday when I went to see her. I came to the door and she said, "Oh, you are outside!" Well, yes I am. It is essential to be outside when driving from one place to another. It was 96 degrees yesterday, and it is going into the 80's for the weekend, so that will be a pleasant break.

I finally got blinds on most of my windows. Not the beautiful wood shutters that I want, but faux wood (vinyl) blinds that will have to suffice for now. We are on the “pay as you go” plan and so far we have paid plenty for carpeting and tile, etc. My contractor friend, Harold, send over three Mexican men to install the blinds. They speak Spanish to each other, which I recognize from three years of taking the language in high school. I really can’t translate, but I heard one of them say “Oh no”, which I immediately understood. Some things are universal. Anyway, faux or no, the blinds look fine and are desperately needed in this blazing desert heat. It has been 105 degrees and more. But no humidity! Ha ha!
I have spent months intermittently working on a quilt and finally FINISHED it. You know how some quilts seem to take forever? I began this one months ago, last year in fact, making 9-patches and more 9-patches. I planned it with the help of EQ7, EQ7 being one of the things I would put on my deserted island list. So I made a ton of blocks and found that I didn’t have quite enough of a certain tan fabric to complete my quilt. Back to the drawing board formerly referred to—EQ7. I came up with several solutions and then had to choose one. Now it is terminado! Hecho in Arizona! (My meager attempt at Spanish).

I also completed this little cutie. I saw the original on Pinterest and fell in love. Mine is made with 1-1/2" cut squares, of which I never have a shortage. 
This is the original. A vintage doll quilt. Love it!

Also, I just finished reading The Book Thief. If you are looking for a good book, this is it! 

Have a nice holiday weekend! Wave that beautiful flag of ours!

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Bountiful Life and more...

 I didn't go to market this time and I sure wish I had been there! Look at this beautiful display of quilts in the Kansas City Star booth. They publish quilt books, as you probably know. Front and center in this display is my good friend Karen Mowery's quilt, A Bountiful Life. This quilt is a replica of the famous Bird of Paradise quilt that is at the American Folk Art Museum in New York City. It is an awesome quilt and Karen's book is awesome as well. Request it at your LQS or order it online. You won't be disappointed! See what Karen has to say about all this excitement at her blog, Sew Primitive.

Other books on display from Kansas City Star, Including Simply Charming by the darling Tara Lynn Darr. I love this book! Confederates in the Cornfield by Edie Mcginnis has the most amazing cherry quilt in it.

Edie's new book, A Bag of Scraps, is wonderful for those of us who live and breath scrap quilts. Plus, Edie always adds interesting facts and stories. Edie is an editor at Kansas City Stars, so she knows a little bit about writing books! Also, I stole these photos from her on Facebook!

 Above, a few more wonderful quilts from the Kansas City Star booth.

Even tho I didn't get to market this spring, I have been excited to see the photos and hear about the enthusiasm of those that were there. You can see more market photos at the links below:

 Fat Quarter Shop,  their Jolly Jabber blog

Country Quilts-Cheryl Wall

Fat Quarters Quilt Shop (Vista, CA) their Facebook page

There are probably more, but I don't have time to look right now as I have been on this blooming computer all day!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Praying for a miracle

If you have ever watched a loved one suffer from a debilitating disease while you were helpless to assist, our friend Michele Bilyeu knows how you feel. Her sister-in-law, Rebecca Savikko, of Eagle River, Alaska, is desperate for a kidney transplant. If you know Michele, you know that she is the type to dive in and begin searching for a miracle. Michele has put out the call to her online friends to spread the word. Because of blood types and anti-bodies it is necessary for this search to be very large in hopes of a kidney swap within a circle of willing donors. Please check out Michele's blog, With Heart and Hands, for the details. Pass the word to everyone. Hopefully this search will find someone who can save Rebecca's life. 

I believe in the power of prayer, and I encourage you to say a prayer for Rebecca right now while you are reading this. If we all contribute in this way perhaps a miracle will be forthcoming.

I realize that I haven't been the best blogger in the past several months. I came to Arizona to look after my Dad and I am still here.  I am now living in our mostly vacant house here, but I did buy a bed and a friend loaned me a couch and chair, so I am comfortable. My sewing machine is set up in the kitchen with piles of fabric all over the counters. My Dad dropped over yesterday and told me I should clean up this place. Huh, I thought I did! But it just goes to show, when I am in the middle of a project I am the only one that recognizes my piles of fabric and HSTs and 9-patches, etc, as part of a larger plan. 

Last night before the sun went totally down I took my first dip in our pool. My daughter asked if I had a swim suit. I said yes, from 1985! I haven't used to too much over the years, but it sure felt good in the water. And it is fairly private also as there are cement walls between all the yards. 

Later today I will be going to have dinner with my daughter-in-law and grandkids. Dad is coming too. I love being in my own house, but also having family close by.  Still no clue when we will be moving here permanently. My husband will be here soon for a quick visit and then I will be going home with him. 

No project photos this time. I want to focus on Michele's search for a miracle. If you are a mother I hope you have a lovely Mother's Day!