Monday, December 19, 2011

Stockings at last!

The stockings were stuffed in the mailbox with care, in hopes they would travel to my grandchildren by air! Well it rhymes, but will never be a hit. Yes, I finally got the stockings mailed off to the kids just in the (St.) Nick of time! 

 All the stockings I have made for my nine grandchildren and two greats have been from denim jeans. You can see the seam that runs down one side. These make nice sturdy, home-style stockings. These stockings were smaller than the others because I had to beg for jeans from a lady who only had skinny ones. What is with that? If this trend continues I will be making crazy patched denim stockings next. Sounds cute, but too many seams. As it is I had to piece the toes, but it doesn't show under the toe patch, or on the back, so it is fine. The applique is all done  in wool. This is different from years past as well. I love wool applique! 

Just as I was beginning this project my Jan. 2012 issue of McCall's Quick Quilts arrived in the mail, and there was a cute snowman quilt in it. I used the pattern for those snowmen on my stockings. Great timing!
I seriously wondered if these stockings would ever get done this year. I am itching to sew on other projects, but that may not happen for a while. Christmas is just around the corner and I am all for deep breathing and relaxing when possible! January will be here soon enough and then I can become a serious sewer again.
 I made up this cute little pot for my sister. It contains a sprouting Amaryllis, which my mother always loved, along with a little Christmas trim. I think she will enjoy watching it grow. Have you ever had one? They are so pretty!

Merry Christmas friends! I have appreciated all the nice words of comfort and love sent my way this past year. I am constantly amazed at the wonderful friends I have made out there, and most of you I have never even met! May the blessings of the holidays warm your homes and your hearts.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Celebrating Chocolate, er...Christmas

Chocolate lovers unite! The Christmas baking has begun! So how many ways are you baking with chocolate this holiday season? Me? That's all I can think of. Chocolate Chip Cookies is the basic in our family. Not Christmasy at all, but essential. Chocolate Crinkles with a little crushed candy cane on top were baked this morning. Then Peanut Butter Pinwheels, a peanut butter cookie with melted chocolate chips swirling in the center. Anna Marie made No-Bake Chocolate Drop Cookies, with cocoa, oatmeal, peanut butter, etc. Then let's not forget the Hershey's Kisses and the colorful Christmas M&Ms!

Hmmm, what will we bake next? Any ideas? What are your favorites, chocolate or otherwise?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Picks from the Past

Remember this quilt? I showed it way back when. This month it is showing up in the Feb. 2012 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting! I am so pleased to be published in this great magazine. It has long been one of my favorites!
I don't have this magazine, but have seen that some of you have received your issue. Since I am not at home to receive mine in the mail, I need to go on a search today to try and find it. 
This is what the cover looks like, depending on where you live. It seems they couldn't decide which quilt they wanted on the cover. I would have been happy to help them make that decision. No brainer, right? LOL!
Anyway, I am thrilled with the photos of my quilt in this magazine. They really know what they are doing at APandQ.

By the way, the quilt was made primarily of Marcus Fabrics Civil War Chronicles by Judie Rothermel. Such a fabulous line of fabric! I previously called it Celebration Stars in honor of Marcus Fabrics 100 years in business.

Just so you know, Christmas music is filling the house here in Arizona. But since the most influential person here is 15 year old Danielle, we are listening to Justin Bieber's Christmas album. If only I could get it out of my head!


Monday, December 05, 2011

Light Up My Life!

I love this photo so much! Whenever I need a pick-me-up I just go to Becky's blog and my day brightens. I look at this photo and I think, "Joy to the world"! There can be nothing more beautiful than healthy, happy, smiling babies. These cuties just turned 9 months old.

Most of my readers know that Becky is my granddaughter and these little lovies are hers. She shares them with the world on her blog, which is sometimes educational, sometimes ridiculous, and sometimes hilarious. Just as we quilters are connecting with our blogs, young mothers are doing the same and offering support and information, funny stories and lots of photos. For grandparents who live far away it is the most wonderful thing! The first thing my husband does when he comes home from work is check Becky's blog for new photos. Becky loves to write and has a whacky sense of humor, plus, she has lots to write about. Also, she has been known to make things up if it is a slow day. I love my family so, so much, and everyone of my children and grandchildren is a blessing to me and so special in their own way.

Thanks to all my wonderful blogging friends for your kind words and prayers in recent days. It means so much to me to know that you would take the time to write and send your love. 

Lots more good stuff coming up!


Friday, December 02, 2011


My normally upbeat blog report is tempered by the loss of my son. He passed away November 10. I haven't really wanted to discuss it, and still don't, as it is so personal, and I do not have an open book policy on my life. Just suffice it to say that I am at peace with it and I know he is being tended to by our loving Father in Heaven. Still, I feel his loss deeply. He was 42 years old and left behind a wonderful wife and two great kids. I am with them now and will be here in Arizona until after Christmas. It is not necessary to comment on any of this, I have trouble talking about it. My next post will be back to the normal things. I need to get back to the normal things.