Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest

Yesterday was one of those days we quilters wait all year for:  Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival! It is held in Hampton, VA at the Convention Center. I drove up there with my friends Joan and Sue, as usual. We start out together and get separated very quickly as we each see things that interest one of us more than another. So many different things for so many different quilters. Look what I spotted right off the bat--our friend Karen's book, A Bountiful Life! She would have been delighted with the setting as it was nestled in with nice rolls of wool and other cozy things.

 Minutes later I ran into Mrs. Goodneedle! We hugged and visited for a few minutes then met later to visit some more. Love that lady! One of the benefits of blogging is making some wonderful friends, such as Karen and Debbie.
 Notice the booth we are in, Attic Heirlooms, and the neat stuff they have. The quilt in the background is awesome. Check out their website. Lots  of wool and primitive, etc.

I ran into another friend, Janna-the president of Bloc-Loc. I met Janna and her husband Paul in Houston at Quilt Market a couple years ago. Their booth was right by mine. They totally sold me on their product and now I can't function without their amazing rulers. Their rulers each have a groove in them that gets placed on the seam line of a half-square triangle so you can trim it accurately. The groove locks in on the seam for greater accuracy. These are perfect for a scrapper like me because I am always trimming down triangles and flying geese. Yes, they have one for flying geese and they keep coming out with new ones. Be sure and check their schedule because they go to shows all over America and if you are a block trimmer you must have these rulers. They are only distributed through Bloc-Loc! I had to get a new 1-1/2" HST size because I left mine in Arizona.

Other purchases? Well, I made out OK. I bought titanium coated sewing machine needles at the Superior Threads booth. I had to get these after watching the very interesting and informative videos on their website. When you have some time you really should watch THESE. At least the ones that look interesting to you.
I also found fabric. Can you believe it? Honestly, I tried to resist, but there were a few that I had to have. Barbara Brackman's Battle Hymn  fabric is wonderful! From Moda Fabric.
One booth that I am always happy to shop is called Traditions of the White Swan. I always come away happy from that booth! They are from Hagerstown, Maryland and have lots of kits on line. Last year I bought the whole collection of fat quarters of Little Pink Stars, and designed a baby quilt that will be in McCall's Quilting magazine--June issue, so keep an eye out! This year I found this darling collection of grey and blue Buggy Barn prints from Henry Glass. I wonder what these will become?

Finally, I broke down and purchased this beautiful basket. I have been looking at these for years each time I go to Quilt-Fest. They are made in Africa and come in all shapes and sizes. The beautiful bag is a gift from my friend Sue Cruthers who made it for my i-pad! Isn't it the cutest thing?! I LOVE it!

All in all, it was a great day! I will post another day with a few quilt photos. There were some awesome quilts this year!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Funny Dad

 Happy Birthday to my Dad! He celebrated his 89th birthday yesterday. Or as he says it, "I'm in my 90th year"!

 This photo was taken by my nephew Brock while Dad was in Minnesota last year.
It can be difficult to get a good photo of my Dad because he still likes to make goofy faces for the camera. Dad is a ham! Dad still likes to travel. He plans to fly to Florida soon to go deep sea fishing with one of his grandsons. He has always loved fishing and sports of all kinds. You wouldn't believe that one person could have so many funny stories about GOLF!
 Recently in Arizona we were all sitting outside visiting and my Dad mentioned that he was kind of chilly. Grandson Kyle went into the house and brought him back a Spiderman jacket that Dad promptly put on and zipped up over his face. Can you see the black Spidey eyes? He makes us laugh!

Dad lives in an apartment complex for (old) retired people. He said he didn't like living with all those old people, but he got used to it when he discovered it was easy to catch up to women with walkers. He still drives his car and likes to go on dates. Last week he took a friend who is in her nineties to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform in Phoenix. Her daughter drove them and picked them up, which I thought was very nice, but it also made me laugh because of all the times he drove me and picked me up when I was a kid. Things change, don't they?

We are so lucky to have our Dad around and in such good health. He is a kid at heart with a very generous spirit. He is always optimistic, energetic, enthusiastic and affectionate.  We sure love him!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012



 Knock, knock. Who's there? Heart. 
Heart who? Heart to hear you knocking.
 Ok, that was a funny one. I found this cute door knocker on Pinterest and today seems like a good day to share it. I hear my husband on the phone talking to our kids about doing an intervention. Seriously, Pinterest is that bad. It is like looking at all the best photos from all the best magazines without all the junk!

Well, here is something that you won't find on Pinterest. Our darling twins are 11 months old. My granddaughter, Becky, keeps a wonderful journal of their every growing moment on her blog. This is what she shared today, and I am sharing it with you, since I haven't given you an update in several months.

A wonderful sentiment! (I found it on Pinterest) LOL!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Post Toasties

Does anyone remember that cereal called Post Toasties? Is it still around? I have no idea, but that title came to mind as the weather turned on us last night! I went to bed and snuggled under my electric blanket (don't tell the girls at Primitive Quilts and Projects, but my bedroom is not that primitive)! The wind was battering the house and snow was falling. Snow--here in Virginia Beach. That does not thrill me. So I am being lazy and staying toastie while I post on my blog. Now do you get it?

I made an attempt to put things away in my sewing room. It is a mess. I know I don't have to explain to you quilters how this happens. It is really time for a knock down, drag out fabric fight. In the immortal words of Scarlett O'Hara, "I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow."

Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival is coming our way in a week. The shops are all gearing up in preparation for lots of traffic from out of towners. It is always exciting around here. I have been getting ready also. I am introducing three new patterns. I worked on these while I was in Arizona and have been writing directions and preparing covers.
 Tinder Box 38" sq, Hickory Sticks 19" x 26", Diamond in the Rough 60" x 80"
The covers are on order and the directions are in the works. These will be up on my website soon. Hope you like them!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My Trainer Phone

Woke up this morning wondering where I left my cell phone. First let me explain. I am a new cell phone user. My daughter-in-law decided I should have one and so she put me on her plan. I got a free phone and she pays $10 a month. What a sweetheart she is! I am just a beginner cell phone user, so I don't need anything fancy. I call my phone a "trainer". 

So where did I leave my cell phone. Here's a thought--use the land line and call the cell phone to hear it ring. Yeah, I know it's been done before, but remember, I'm a novice. So I dial my cell number and it rings. I find it, pick it up and turn it off. then I check messages on it. Oh look, my husband called just a minute ago. How did I miss his call? I press "send" to call him back and my house phone rings. Wonder who that can be? Caller ID says it is my cell phone number. Oh these darn hackers! How do they do that?

Maybe I am too blonde for a cell phone.