Sunday, September 10, 2006


Yesterday I spent the afternoon at What’s Your Stitch ‘N Stuff, our local quilt shop, where I teach classes. They had an open house to promote fall classes. I always enjoy those because I am able to see what other teachers are doing, meet friends and promote my classes, etc. (Plus, they have refreshments!) One gal, Bobbi Case, brought in a couple quilts she made from my patterns. I will picture one of them here, because I just showed you my version a couple days ago. Scroll back and see Quilt Jam, or click You may have missed it because I wrote it, then saved it, then posted the Lily entry, then edited the Quilt Jam entry. So when I posted it, it came up before the Lily entry, and was dated the same day, when, in fact, I posted it on Friday, 9-8. Ah well. So—isn’t Bobbi’s quilt beautiful?! All pinks and browns-it is luscious!
I am writing this in Word and hoping I can copy and paste it into my blog. Behold, I get paragraphs!
All this talk about copyright issues- Finn mentioned it again. I just want to add that I agree with her, in that I think most of us are in it because we love it. And I don’t know about the quiltmakers and designers that are “big time”, but I can tell you, I feel good if I cover my expenses, and I NEVER could get compensated for my time. It is just like making quilts—you know how people always ask how much you charge for a quilt? You couldn’t pay me what it is worth to me, but if I love you, I will give it to you; or donate it to a good cause, as so many do. Even though I design quilts for classes and so forth, I buy plenty of books and patterns by other designers. There is sooo much talent out there! And, like I mentioned about Sally Schneider in my earlier entry, I bet most of them are just like us and happy to share. Has anybody ever heard of a lawsuit regarding quilt designs? Stay tuned for your next episode of LAW AND ORDER!


Linda C said...

Very pretty quilt, Marcie.

I bet the money involved is probably small potatoes in some cases so what lawyer wants that case?

Hedgehog said...

I just love seeing the same pattern in various colors and settings - thanks for sharing.

quiltpixie said...

your friend did a great job using your pattern. Looks great!

Judy said...

ALways have loved the pinks and browns too, especially the cical war prints in those colors.

Libby said...

Oh, I can't wait ... Ripped from the headlines -- Is it possible quilt bloggers have violated a copyright? Stay tuned for Law & Order *dumdumDUM*

I can just hear the promo in my head *s*

Trixie said...

Hi Marcie! So glad you left a comment on my blog so I could find you. I love your blog! (I'm cuckoo for quilts too, as I am sure you could tell.) I look forward to visiting your site a lot more often now that I know you are here!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

This spring it seemed that a lawsuit was in the works... a well-known machine quilter's quilting design appeared to be in a new carpet at a convention hotel walk-way... something like that.

Sounds like you had a good time at the shop - always fun when like-minded people come together. Sooo many people just don't understand the thrill I get from my quilts which is one reason why I really enjoy blogging - seeing others and sharing mine. And, I really enjoy seeing various versions of the same pattern!



Finn said...

Hi Marcie, thanks for reading my post and understanding. I sure wasn't picking sides. I try so hard to the right thing. And the wording in some copyright statements is very confusing. Taken literally, it's terribly restrictive. I'd hate to get it wrong and offend someone or break the law.

I think I forget that several of you gals are pattern makers...*VBS* I'm so glad you said something...and thanks for not being upset with me...*VBS* Hugs, Finn

Mary Johnson said...

I love the touch of green in here with the browns and pinks.

Darlene said...

Like politics, religion and such I do try to avoid discussions about Copyrights - does anybody really know the law as it applies to copyrights? I'm not sure! LOL

I love your Quilt Jam - it's terrific and the pink and brown with a touch of green is wonderful.

So, do you sell your pattern?