Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Far, far away in a distant land the Queen of Quilts was silently stitching. The cold wind blew outside her castle, but the queen, wrapped in her own handiwork, was warm and cozy before the glowing embers of the Royal Hearth. "Oh, I wonder where Sweet William is tonight?" She pondered.

Did you ever play that game where you start as story and then pass it along to the next person to continue, and so forth? Well, do I have any takers?

I am excited to share three more little Sparkler quilts with you today. Yes I know, you see four. Well, Picasa doesn't make a grid for three, so the fourth one is mine again. And, here is another little game for you. I will give you the names and blog links, and you can go to their blog and see for yourself who made which quilt! Aren't they great? I love them!
Mary B. at Nana B Quilts in St. Michael, MN made one, and
Julie at Through the Barn Door, in California, made two!
Nice job ladies!

Also, for your viewing pleasure, I have added a link to the new Sparkler Gallery on my website! Also, you can find a link right under the Friendship Star block on my sidebar.

Ya'll come on back now, ya hear?
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Paula said...

Great quilts Marcie. I'm keeping this one on my short list. We'll see if I can get around to it. Really hope to. Thanks for the links.

sewprimitive karen said...

Happy little Sparklers are showing up everywhere. They look great Marcie!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Yes, I've played this game many times. Its fun but I'm not sure how to take it away...

Liz said...

"Sweet William. He had been away for so very long. There had been no word from him in all these long months."

Great idea, Marcie! And I do love those Sparkler quilts...I just wish I had the courage to start one!

Libby said...

I love seeing the gallery fill up *s*

Rebeccah Louise said...

hi, it's me.
i freaking love you.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

These are all sparkly-wonderful! the more of them I see the more to love!! Well done, Marcie and friends.

Susan said...

Love your little quilts! Building on Liz's contribution.

Far away, on a warm, tropical island, King William lay with his head the lap of a long-haired, dark eyed beauty. What need had he of quilts in this perfect temperature? He found himself thinking less and less of the Royal Hearth, the kingdom he'd left behind, or the Queen of Quilts. Was it an enchantment?