Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Karen Dianne Lee, the Mistress of LeeHaven, added a few more lines to our continuing story. It's like pulling teeth, but I yanked out this from her:

...he knew not until he saw the sign and the lights! "The Wild Boar" ~ surely they would bow down to their new King William the Conqueror. All he wanted, after all, was fresh bread and a tankard of ale. He knew he still had to do battle with the man from the Scottish Highlands over the wench. Pretty lass she was, too!

I am laughing hysterically! Who knew her mind worked like that? Well, probably we all did, actually. Karen Diane always makes me laugh!

So who is next? Come on! Belly up to the bar and tell us a story!
(Am I the only one having fun here?)


Paula said...

I was thinking about it until Karen took us into the bar!! I have nothing to add....I have NO experience with bars....really. LOL Great idea Marcie.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

When he came to the table and gnawed his loaf, he listened to the man at bar spouting out for all to hear. "Do you know, on the road here, I came me 'cross a great 'art 'arrying Lord Shedsalot? Dey was stuck in de muck dey was. Da wheel cracked hers shaft her did. The Scottish Highlander - Drummond Macgregor himself I did see. On his way to find William of Conquers he is.

Rebeccah Louise said...

(adding to the above)
William moved closer to the bar, pulling his hood up to dispel any chance of recognition. "Did he look up to the fight?" He asked, deepening his voice.
"How quickly do you think he can make it into town?"
William was not eager to fight him, but would rather it happened sooner than later.

sewprimitive karen said...

Way to go, Karen Dianne and Rebeccah!

Wanda said...

What Ho! Who is this?? It is the squire from the castle of the Queen of Quilts. Does he recognise the King? And what is his mission for My lady?