Saturday, November 22, 2008


Two more Christmas Sparklers have shown up in Blogland! (Are there any others I don't know about?) The one above was made by Dot at Rantala Rags. Check out the fabric Dot chose by clicking on the picture. It is always a delight to see what people decide to use. In this case Dot surprised me by using red and blue bandana prints! Does Dot have a certain cowboy in mind? I don't know, but this does not scream Christmas to me. Nor does it have to. The design is good for other seasons and maybe a picnic! Thanks for sharing Dot. It's a winner!

Next we have a quilt with a bit more of a Christmas flair. Karen Diane, the Sparkler of LeeHaven, created this version. Karen likes those dark, rich colors that make the stars pop!

Be sure and check out the Sparkler Gallery and you can see all of the photos that have been sent to me. It is really fun to see the variety. Now I am waiting to see YOURS!
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Eileen said...

Marcie, I have made a little one of your Sparkler but can't find your addie to send it to you.

Kathie said...

it is so nice to see your quilts made in many different fabrics, thanks for sharing them all with us.
Love your new pattern
Wintergreen another great quilt, just my colors :)

sewprimitive karen said...

It's fun seeing Sparklers in different fabric sets, Marcie!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

So much variety, they are all splendid. You are quite the pied piper, Marcie! ;)

Quilts And Pieces said...

It is always so much fun to see all of these!