Sunday, October 28, 2007


I have been delighted to see my little tree quilt coming to life so quickly. Libby and Kim are the first that have completed theirs and sent me photos. I will get them posted on my web site, but in the meantime you can go to their blogs and see for your self how cute they turned out! They each decided on a different border, which makes it even more fun to view. Libby, of course, added her special touch and made hers primitive looking. I love it! Kim decided to issue a challenge to see how many people would like to make one this weekend. That's great if you can do it, but it is also great if you make it whenever you have the time. Once you see how easy it is, you may want to make more than one, as Libby, Kim and I are doing.

Libby and Kim both caught an error or two in cutting, which I have corrected on the pattern. Not a big deal, you would have figured it out. But it always helps to have extra eyes when it comes to proofing directions. So thanks my friends!

As you can see, I posted a photo of the quilt on the top of my sidebar for now. You can find the free directions by going to my website,, and clicking on free patterns. If you e-mail me a photo of your tree quilt I will add a link to your blog, with your permission. I am so happy with the positive response you have given me! Have fun with it!

I have lots more to share, but will have to come back later! I hope you do too!



Kim said...

This was fun to make, Marcie! Thanks for sharing the pattern for free. I know that several people are also making the topper this weekend including Eileen, Pat E., Kairle, and Nan. Pat sent me a photo of hers--I suspect she'll send you one too and probably post it on her blog tomorrow. I should get my second one done today unless I get side tracked!

Finn said...

Hi Marcie, so nice to see your post! I've printed off the pattern already, so I will have to go and see what correction to make. I found my Tri Rec ruler so I'm all set to go.
Maybe not today, but soon *VBS* Thanks again for sharing this with us.
I blogged your pattern today, and I see that Dawn did last week. It'll be fun to see the different color selections we make *VBS* Hugs, Finn

Susan said...

Such a darling little topper! I'm going right over to download it, and hope to have one done . . . this year! =) You are so generous!

Darcie said...

You're so kind and generous! And those efficient! I love their little personal touches. Bravo to you all!

Dawn said...

oooo, can't wait to go check it out!

floribunda said...

Marcie, I made one too! Thanks so much for the quick and adorable pattern (photo's on my blog)

Libby said...

Thanks again, Marcie for sharing your delightful pattern. I posted a photo of my second top yesterday. Such fun to make - I sure hope everyone gives it a try *s*