Saturday, January 20, 2007


Not a very clear picture, but at least you can get an idea of the bird I came up with to go in the center of the Medallion Doll Quilt for my class next week. (Remember the bird I originally used was not my own). The shop is doing up kits for the class, so that makes it easy for people. It seems like everyone loves kits lately. I love it when they make them for my designs because then I sell patterns! February is always a good month because of the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. The local quilt shops get lots of people coming through on their way to the show.
I have a new little project for my Patchalittle class in February. It is still under construction, but by next week I have to have it finished to show the class. My friend, Joan, saw it yesterday and got all excited, so that is a good sign! The past couple of weeks seem to have moved in slow motion, as I was not feeling well. But I think I am about back to normal, which is to say I am more sluggish, but not is slow motion. No, really, I feel lots better! I actually went grocery shopping and cooked a meal!
Did I mention that I got a perm last week? I haven't had one in years, but my hair is so straight and so flat that I thought I would give it a try again. I looked pretty funny for the first week, but I think it is finally calming down. It actually looks ok now. By the end of the month it will probably be flat again. I can't win, I know that, but every once in a while I try. Have a good weekend everyone!


Libby said...

What a sweetie little bird. I really like that the stems are showing on top of the leaves. And you get to work with a 'gourmet' quilt shop. Now that's fun.

anne bebbington said...

He's a lovely bird with some very smart oak leaves - birds are a really hard thing to design a satisfactory shape on aren't they?

Mary said...

The bird looks great. I'll be at the Mid Atlantic Quilt show for just one day. My mom and I always go and this year my sister, aunt, and cousin will come too. Mom was already telling me that she has a huge list of things for me to do for her the weekend I'm there.

I haven't had a perm in years but have been tempted because my hair is fine and straight too. Right now it's longer than it's been in years and I was ready to cut it but my husband says he likes it this long and it's easy to pull back in a ponytail.

Judy said...

The birdy turned out very well!! Your own design and no worries about issues!

I'm counting down the days till the show and getting very excited!

cher said...

enjoyed catching up with your the scrappy floral blocks...mindless sewing is the best!