Sunday, August 03, 2008


Did anyone have a little SPAM problem yesterday? Yvonne, at Quilting Down the Stairs. e-mailed me first thing in the morning to alert me that my blog was not opening. Is that sweet or what? I opened my blog, and sure enough, it was frozen. I looked to Google Help, and they were already on it. Apparently it had to do with spam. It was all back in order very quickly. I thought that was pretty impressive. Kudos to the BLOGGER TEAM, wherever they are! (I know they are out there)! So on that note, Google has also presented us with a delightful assortment of SPAM recipes. Dig in, there is plenty to go around!

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Mar said...

well, thats funny, my blogger wouldn't open on Friday evening, I ended getting rid of my sitemeter and flicker widget. It worked but I don't know if that was the problem.