Friday, August 22, 2008


My daughter and her family just moved from Minnesota to Missoula, MT. I wonder if we will ever go back to Minnesota now? We raised our family there and really love Minnesota. But when it comes down to travel, I will always go where my kids are. So look out Montana, you just never know when Grandma Mousie will show up!

This picture is so typical of scenes I have enjoyed while driving across America. I picked it off my daughter's family blog, so am not actually sure who took the picture. (Lisa?) Anyway, I love it!

I think they are going to love Missoula. They have deer in their yard every day. Polly said there is a doe with two fauns. They are thrilled to see them so up-close and tame. Their neighbors said they will soon get sick of them. Neighbors have a big tall fence to keep them out of their yard. She said the doe actually brought the fauns to Polly's yard over the summer, when the house was vacant and used the fenced backyard as a playpen while she ran errands, or whatever momma does do. Haha. That looks funny "does do". I am easily amused. Neighbor also said that when the doe was ready to give birth she layed down in the flower bed in her front yard and produced two little fauns. In her front yard! Imagine!

My 16 year old granddaughter has her room in the finished basement. She sleeps with the window up to let the air in at night, and she has been hearing strange noises outside. She said it freaks her out. She hears moving around and heavy breathing. She thought there was a man outside her window. Turns out it was deer munching on the grass by her window. There are other funny stories as well, like the woman washing her cow with a hose as they were driving by. That was new to them!

I haven't shown a quilt for a while, so I thought I better post something to prove that this is still a blog about quilting! This quilt is a Buggy Barn pattern that was in American Patchwork and Quilting Best Quilt Shops issue several years ago. I always enjoy those issues and "visiting" various shops around the country.

Have a happy, scrappy day!


Lyn said...

Hello Marcie, looove the quilt. My colours with the hearts and stars.Thanks for sharing the scene and story of the deer and her babes.It is great to be able see your part of the world from where I am. Regards Lyn

Libby said...

Wowza - Montana. I would love to get away from the city and live somewhere like that . . . someday *sigh*

Mary said...

I love Missoula MT. Flathead lake is such a marvelous area to explore.

When you get to Mmissoula, be sure to stop for a meal at Mackenzie river pizza. It is wonderful and there is a super moose made of found objects in the parking lot.
Lunch is the best choice as there is a quilt shop a bit north of it.

Mary from the flat lands of IL

sewprimitive karen said...

Hi, Marcie, oh that is such a pretty picture of the roadside. That is utterly so American. I was in Montana once :0). The sky was endlessly huge and gorgeous. It's a great state.

StitchinByTheLake said...

Hi Marcie, I've never been to Montana but I'm told it's one of the most beautiful states in the USA. I hope to make a trip there next summer to see for myself! I love the quilt - do you remember which issue? blessings, marlene

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Montana is one of those states yet to be checked off my "list"... there aren't many left~ MT, ND and AK. One day. I love those deer stories, funny. The quilt pictured is a fave of mine, too.

Karen said...

Marcie, I like the quilt. I have company for the weekend from MT! I've never been but it sounds very nice.
Karen (Short Story Long)

Faith said...

I loved reading your blog and hearing all about these american states, one day I will visit america

chiffonnette said...

Hi !
I come from France to visit you !
i like your works !
see you soon !