Saturday, November 07, 2009


Being a chocolate lover, it has been a lifetime dream of mine to visit this place. Notice the lamp posts! I had to borrow this picture off a post card, but we were actually right on this cute corner of Cocoa Avenue and Chocolate Avenue! Milton Hershey built this town around his chocolate, but he also built it with lots of love. One can't help but be impressed with the man and all that he accomplished in his lifetime.

I believe that, don't you?

Yes, there was a chocolate store with as much Hershey product as you could want. The tour was free, but they know you are going to shop! Here is Joan making off with her loot.

The town of Hershey is absolutely lovely! Beautiful homes in well cared for neighborhoods. Plus the leaves were fabulous! We spotted this Japanese Maple that was amazing! Yes, it is actually a tree, but obviously untrimmed. I have always had a weakness for Japanese Maples, so I had to take a picture.

On top of all that fun, we found this very nice quilt shop right on Chocolate Avenue. It is located in a house and had a few cars in front of it. When we walked in we were amazed to find it crammed with quilters! Turns out there was a bus tour from New Jersey making the rounds of shops. They were having a ball! The shop owners were lovely and even bought some of my patterns. Naturally we reciprocated and bought some of their fabric. This is why I never come out on top! (Financially I mean. I DO have lots of great fabric!)

As they say in Hershey, Have a Sweet Day!

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*karendianne. said...

Marcie! What a happy journey this trip has been for y'all. I hope you purchased some lovely chocolate loot for yourself, too. (any for meeee?) - I can't be good in every post!

I am completely taken with that Japanese Maple and now that you've shared the lamp posts and the charm of the area, well, I agree it is amazing what Mr. Hershey accomplished in his lifetime. I'll be much more respectful when I savor his legacy.

onlymehere said...

I've heard fabulous things about this place and now I learn they have a great quilt shop too! Some day I'll have to make it there. My husband would take me just for the chocolate. He loves the stuff!

Kathie said...

a great place to visit, oh you need to go back in the summer when the quilt show is there :)

Janet said...

Now that sounds like my kind of town. It sounds wonderful. I love the lamposts, very cool.

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh, Marcie, congratulations on selling your patterns to the shop(s) on your trip. Look at you laughing surrounded by all that chocolate LOL!

julieQ said...

We too went to Hershey recently! I loved it, and it is so amazing that the whole town revolves around that one man. I did not know they had a quilt shop!

Karen said...

Well, I think you are having one doosy of a fun time! Congratulations on selling your patterns. Horray! Wow that is a very gorgeous Japanese Maple. I have one in my front yard. But, it sure doesn,t look like that! Mine is just a baby compared with that beauty!

Lea said...

OH! My son will go NUTS! He is a diehard HERSHEY'S fan.*LOL*
Thank you for sharing lovely photos!

Jeanne said...

Mmmmmm. Wouldn't it be neat to live on Hershey Avenue? I hope you ate some chocolate for all of us. VBG