Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Here I am in front of my computer this morning, opening my (Microsoft) Windows on the World! I have been catching up on blogs after being incommunicado for the past week. I love that I can look in on you through your window in whatever part of the world you reside! I have favorite blogs in Australia, Europe, Canada, U.K., U.S. and even Japan! Thanks for sharing your talents and your enthusiasm, and for coming to visit me!

I have been doing a little sewing to sooth my soul. It feels good! I finished my "star" top, and will get a photo of it soon. Meanwhile I am back to writing directions for a project I completed last year. Remember my funny little eagle? Well, I have had the pleasure of enjoying him on my own wall for a while, since I never got around to writing up a pattern last year. Usually my quilts go to the shop and stay there. No, I don't own "the shop", but they do promote and sell my patterns and so many of my quilts are on display to help do that. (I can arrange for other shops to borrow them, however!)
I adapted this little eagle from a picture of a vintage quilt that I liked. He has now been dubbed the "Patchalittle Eagle". I also did a wool pillow from the same basic design that you can find on my free patterns page on my Patchalot Patterns website.

At least I got that part of the instructions done last year! Now I have this one scheduled as a class for June. The border for this is adorable, if I do say so myself. I will show that next time. Maybe it will entice you to come back!
Have a happy day!


Carin said...

Your eagle is sdorable and will fit in my Americana front room however I am going to make the chritmas tree table topper first cause I am totally in love with it.

Dawn said...

Oh he is adorable - I'll call him baldy!

Rebeccah Louise said...

hahah, i giggled a little out loud when i read his name. "Patchalittle" sounds really sweet, now that we're all used to "Patchalot"

Finn said...

Hope you don't mind a little Finn in your window *VBS*
Just popping over to see what you have been up to lately. So happy to see the Eagle conversion...he is one Proud Bird!
I thought of you last evening as I 'came into' two woolen blankets from friend Jean.
Someone donated them to the nursing home activities dept. aka Jean, and it's not something she(or they) have any use for. She had put them in the bag to re-donate to Goodwill, but let me peek in first. Only took a second to realize what they were, and 'adopt' them *VBS* And I don't feel guilty at all, since I donate both time, materials and my talent to the nursing home effort, often!
Your Eagle may just have to come and live on this off white blanket *VBS* Hugs, Finn, a babe in blogland!

Karen said...

Hi, Marcie, that's the cutest name ever for the little eagle!

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

Love your little eagle! Ahh...I knew you were a designer, but thank you for clearing it up for me about the shop. :o)

Blogland is amazing. It has become one of the favorite parts of my day.