Friday, April 04, 2008


Why do I wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning and toss for an hour, then decide I'm not going back to sleep? Why? Is it my age? This used to happen to my mother and grandmother too. Maybe it is because I really don't tire myself out during the day like I used to. But dang, I sure feel tired. So here I am again, blogging at 4:00am. I will go back to bed later and sleep the morning away. What a life. I am just glad that I can go back to bed! At least I am catching up on reading blogs. Bloglines shows I have under 1000 posts left. Ha! Mary at Mary Quilts has a new system for reading blogs. When she reaches the point where she can't keep up, she purges the system and starts again. Seems to me she runs the risk of becoming a bulimic blogger, but it might be just what I need.

I thought I would post a couple more pics from NYC. This is my grand-daughter hamming it up with her grandpa in front of the Bank of America in Times Square. I had them pose there as a joke. DGD is actually picking grandpa's pocket and he is pretending he doesn't know it.

Next, we have the girls at the theater. They love to take random shots, but I prefer just a little organization. You have no idea how many photos they took of their heads together like this and with an arm outstretched, camera in hand to snap the shot. We went to see Mary Poppins and my husband and I sat directly behind the girls in the theater, so I was able to get this photo with the stage screen behind them and their Showbills in hand. This was a great show! Practically perfect in every way!

Across the street from our hotel is what has to be the worlds largest M & M's outpost. You can buy a bag of your favorite color! Did you know that someone sits up all night and separates the colors into those pretty tubes. What a job! But such pretty results! They kind of look like silos, don't you think? Definitely food for thought.


Libby said...

Oh me, too . . . I wake at 4 then struggle to get sleep. Why? Why? *sigh*
Your trip to NYC looks so fun. I do hope to get there one day. I think I could spend a month just seeing shows *s*

Carin said...

I was awake at 5 but I just got up and got ready for my day, SIGH! Ihave a 4 year old to chase so no going back to bed for me.

I have been to the M&M world in Las Vegas and they have a simular display. I thought it was so cool! I love that you can make your own bag of just the colors you want.

It looks like you had a blast in NYC! Your GD is beautiful!

Karen said...

I had to laugh at the comment about the "bulimic blogger". Hope you got to catch up on sleep this morning.
The M&M's look yummy all separated into tubes like that. I really prefer the kind with nuts.

Mary said...

Very funny but you may be right...I've been adding blogs right and left to my Google Reader saying to myself....I can always *mark all as read* if I get too far behind.

At least by having them on the reader...when I have extra time, I can find the blogs that interest me unlike after I purged all my blogs from bloglines.

Katie said...

Oh geez.... Now I gotta go out and get me some M&Ms!!! LOL