Saturday, July 15, 2006


The Mockingbird: To kill or not to kill? Have you ever seen a Mockingbird? It is a rather non-descript bird that I never learned to recognize. We can all identify the Robins and the Cardinals; Oriels, Blue Jays, and the like. But no one ever said, "Oh, look, there is a Mockingbird!" At least not to me. Then a couple of years ago my Dad spotted one on the railing of our deck. If he hadn't mentioned it, I never would have known that this bird lived around here. I hadn't given it much thought until we began walking down to the beach house to sit on the deck. Every time we go down there we hear this bird making all the noise he can. He perches on the high peak of the roof next door and sings his heart out. For a long time I kept looking around for a cardinal, then a robin--the two birds whose calls I can recognize. But the sound always came from this grey bird on the neighbor's roof. I looked him up on line, and sure enough, he is a mockingbird. HE NEVER QUITS! I wonder if he doesn't have his own song, or if he just likes the songs of others. Or does he listen to the other birds and think, "I can do that better than he can"! (Now he is reminding me of my grandaughter, Becky!) I am not sure if I should admire him or be annoyed at him for making me look for a pretty red cardinal in the trees. My daughter-in-law reminded me of that scene in the move Failure to Launch, with the mockingbird. Now I get it!!!
On a similar note, there must be baby robins hatching. I saw blue egg shells in the driveway this morning. Seems kind of late, doesn't it? I took a walk this morning and turned down a path to the beach. I always seem to be surprised to get there and realize it is so close to home! I don't do that enough. If it wasn't for all the people parading past our house every day with all their beach gear, one would never suspect it. On the return I walked up the path and over the dune, where I sat on the deck and caught my breath for a few minutes. That is where the Mockingbird entered my day! Have a happy day!


ForestJane said...

I wish I lived close enough to a beach to walk there from my house! Here in west Tennessee though, it's only a dream.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I am starting to teach Little Boy bird songs. Just the other night I heard him saying "Drink Your Teeeeaa" over the baby monitor as he was falling asleep. He is just delighted with this bird song!

Mocking birds can be fun!



Linda_J said...

That kinda looks like the bird that was about a foot away from the cat in her perch balancing I don't know how on the holly bush the other day. Pippi was chattering at it and I was talking it still kept squawking. No way would I have confused this bird with a Cardinal!

We have a pair of those around in the back yard though.