Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I came across this picture in an old book of US presidents. It was copyrighted in 1924. I was hoping to find a picture of Abe to copy for my Civil War Diary Quilt, so it was a lucky find! There are a couple blocks in the book that have his picture in them. I hope this picture comes out well so that any of you who would like to may also use it. I probably could have found a picture on line, but this one is pretty neat. On another note, the chicken I mentioned in the last post can be boneless or not. I prefer it with bones. I cook it in a gas grill, wrapped in foil with the lid down, for about 45 minutes at around 400 degrees. It is nice and juicy! Who else has an easy recipe to share? I stress EASY!


Linda_J said...

Thanks for the directions for the chicken---this is doable if I can figure out just where the temp is. (Mine is just low, medium, medium high)

I enjoy cooking when it doesn't interfere with my sewing and might be able to come up with something.

Hanne said...

I do have a piece of Abraham Lincoln fabric, gift from Rosemary Young. I purchased the book directly from her when it was published. It is one portrait, and you can have it if you like. You can send me a 6" square of red fabric as trade so I can use it in my Nearly Insane quilt. I know I have the portrait fabric here somewhere. Might take me a day to find it though. Just contact me :-)

Hanne said...

Me again. This made me find the fabric. It has 6 portraits on it, 3 with full framing and 3 with snipped off framing. This is the same fabric used in the quilt and the framing in the print is not a part of the blocks.