Friday, July 28, 2006


Just a note to answer comments. Thanks to Pat for the border advice. My quilts usually come out pretty square, I just am overly aware that they hang straight because so many of them go on display. When you measure, do you lay the quilt flat on the floor? Since fabric is so flexible, the measurements never seem true, no matter how I measure. But they look pretty good in the end.
My plane got into Minneapolis an hour late last night. My brother was there to pick me up. Spent the night at my Dad's in St. Louis Park. Daughter and family came to get me today.
The AC is out in their van and we drove to their home in Buffalo with the windows open and 102 degrees heat! But we are still kicking! Hard to complain when so many have it so much worse. I mentioned the locations to answer the questions of Mary and Sweet P. Although I was born in New York, my husband is a true blue Minnesotan of Swedish descent. We raised our family here amidst lots of cousins, etc. I come here about twice a year for family visits. It is a great place to live, I think. Mary, I hope you will like it here. You look to be about the age of my daughter, I bet you would enjoy each other. Great quilt shops abound!


Mary said...

Thanks Marcie - I think at this point I am looking forward to the move - just still nervous about the winters. I didn't get to check out any quilt shops when I was in Minneapolis - I'll put that on the agenda for my next trip.

As for age - I'm 45 - Is your daughter still living in Minnesota? How did you end up in VA? I think I told you my Mom is in Newport News and that's where I grew up. I went from there to Florida for 12 years and we've spent the last 4 in the Atlanta area.

Have fun on your visit!

Linda_J said...

Marcie, sounds like you have been a little bit of everywhere in the course of your life. Jobs, etc move people around from what they consider "home" DJ and I have been in AL for 10 yrs and I still think of central IL as mine though I only get back once a year. Very short visit if he goes along with me.

Sweet P said...

A true blue Swede, yup he's definitely from Minnesota. You are right there are many quilt shops in Minnesota. Have you ever been to Gruber's in Waite Park, by Saint Cloud? It's not far from where you are.

Minnesota is a great place to live. I do miss it. But I love New Hampshire. I have lived in Norfolk, VA too. My ex was in the Navy and we were stationed there in the late 80s - early 90s. I earned my college degree from Christopher Newport University in 1990.

Screen Door said...

There's nothing like the upper midwest..

Laurie Ann said...

I never measure my borders. Just cut and sew and they seem to come out well in the end, also. That's what matters!

Shelina said...

I lay my quilt on the floor and try to keep it as flat as possible. Then I line up the border fabric right on top of the quilt through the center. I'm flattening the quilt again as I do this to make sure I'm not stretching anything. Put the cutting mat under the quilt, place the ruler over the border, lift up the border to make sure I'm not going to be cutting the quilt top underneath, and then cut away. No measuring, and it is the perfect size.

Carol said...

Marcie you visited my blog and asked if I'm from MN. Yes!! I live in God's Country. I love MN except for that 100 deg stuff you endured in July. I was lucky to be vacationing in cool, breezy Washington's Olympic Peninsula during the worst of that heat.