Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Let's go BOGO!

I must be feeling better because my mind is beginning to think about my Patchalot Patterns business again! My life has been filled with family and surgery, etc. And that is all good. I am happy, but now I feel like I want to get things moving again with Patchalot Patterns! So to kick that off, let's celebrate Spring with a BOGO sale! Recently I saw an ad for a BOGO sale and wondered, "what is a BOGO and why do I need one?" You probably already know the answer to that, and I can't believe I didn't. My husband is a retailer and I hear the lingo all the time. The acronyms are getting out of hand! BOGO simply means 'buy one get one'. Yes, BOGO! Who can't get behind that? Doesn't it make you want to dance! Do the BOGO!
Here are a few of the patterns available

So here's the deal, if you have been tempted to buy patterns online at my website, PatchalotPatterns.com, but have hesitated, now is your chance to buy one and get one free. Two patterns for the price of one! Buy any pattern that you like and then choose from all the patterns, except the ones marked NEW in red, as your free choice. I will email you after your purchase to ask which pattern you want for free. This sale is for retail customers only, of course. And the shipping is free too. Win-win! This sale will go until the end of March. I have never done this before, and who knows when I will do it again? I am unpredictable.

(Thanks for catching my mistake. Yes, the BOGO is until the end of April. I am not as good yet as I thought!)

My website has PayPal on it for easy and safe purchasing, but if for any reason you are uncomfortable with that, please call me with a credit card and you can place your order over the phone. Don't be surprised if you hear my scary voice. 

 We got some good news last week that my son and his wife are expecting another baby! I am so thrilled! That has me thinking "baby quilts" again, and so I have been designing! I can't wait to begin creating! Girl? Boy? I really don't care, I just want to cuddle! And I want to get on this baby project right away! Yes, I am definitely on the mend!


Quilt Hollow said...

Oops! I think you mean the end of April. Lol. I'm glad your back in action!!!!

Peggy said...

Sure hoping you mean the end of April????????????????

MARCIE said...

Whoops! Thanks ladies! I'm having trouble moving forward too quickly! Yes, definitely until the end of April!


Karendianne said...

Good to hear from you!!!!

Me and My Stitches said...

I didn't even notice your little error! Congrats on the upcoming grandbaby - very exciting!! Looking forward to seeing what you make next. Glad you are on the mend!

Anonymous said...
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Rosa said...

Glad you are better.

Sue said...

Glad you're getting better!

I'm gonna be a grandma for the first time in July and we are excited. Been cutting on the baby quilt this week :D

Kyle said...

So glad to hear that your getting your energy and focus back. Congratulations on a new grand baby.

T. Forehand said...

I just found your site and will be calling for patterns for my small quilt shop in Nashville, In. I love to see designers that have been successful with publishing, a secret dream of mine. For beginners it is daunting to see the perfection others have reached and my goal is to help beginners reach their own quilting dreams.


Terri Forehand