Thursday, December 04, 2008


"Hang up the Christmas stockings, be sure that you don't forget! For the dear little dimpled darling, has never seen Christmas yet!" So goes the beginning of a song that my grandmother sang to me every Christmas from the time I was a baby. Does anyone know that song? I don't remember the rest. Well, no one has sung it to me for 30 years!
Every year I try to make an ornament for each of my six grandchildren. These little snowmen are my creation for this year. I took the idea from one of Cheri's snowmen and adapted it to my needs. I hand embroidered on each of them (oh for an embroidery machine)! Each child's name and the year are on the back. A few years ago I stopped making ornaments, and then my grandson caused me to reconsider. He was helping trim the tree and had all his ornaments lined up and realized that they were not current. Well you know, when grandchildren speak, grandmas hop to! So the tradition was re-established. When I had small children at home all we always had homemade ornaments. My mom was very creative and we all made whatever she designed. Now I am on my own! But the tradition continues.

My sewing room is bustling with all kinds of things in progress. Little gifty, quilty things. I also have a little candle cooker going with a lovely cinnamon-vanilla candle that is wonderfully fragrant. Josh Groban sings from his NOEL cd over and over and over. It is such a wonderful cd. For years Perry Como was my very favorite Christmas album, but unfortunately we no longer have the means to play it. I suppose I should look on I-tunes for it. But let me tell you, this Josh Groban -Noel is wonderful. My aunt gave it to me for Christmas last year. I highly recommend it!

Oh look! Another Cheri design! Many of you will recognize this design from Cheri Saffiote Payne called Embrace Each Day. I took the liberty of changing the words. I borrowed the verse that Wendy, Snippets of a Quilter, has on her blog banner, "My soul is fed by my needle and thread". We can all identify with that little verse! Hopefully "someone" will be happy to recieve this gift.

Christmas Kisses and Good Wishes to one and all!


Stina said...

Oh..I love your version of Cheris quilt... and love the saying too... its perfect...and you snowmen ...they are sooo cute... And Josh Groban is fantastic...:o)

Paula said...

By Emily Huntington Miller

Hang up the baby's stocking
Be sure you don't forget!
The dear little dimpled darling,
She never saw Christmas yet!
But I've told her all about it,
And she opened her big blue eyes;
And I'm sure she understood it-
She looked so funny and wise.


Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh wow "someone" will be lucky ducky to recieve this beauty!!!

And oh Marcie, those little ornaments are almost as sweet as the story of the re-established tradition. Truly, when grandchildren speak, grandmas hop to!

sewprimitive karen said...

I've never heard that song in my life. Bet it was fun to listen to your grandmother singing it. The snowmen are just darling, Marcie, phew, all that hand-embroidery (!). And your Embrace Each Day is great, what a wonderful design that is. What a great post!!

Lea said...

WOW! Marcie, I love your Embrace quilt!!! I love the word you changed. :-)

Carol said...

Marcie I love your Cheri quilt...perfect verse. Oh Josh Groban is a favorite in our house.

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

Okay... Josh Groban... cutie pie! And I love the snowmen.. that is a wonderful tradition! I am thinking maybe I will do the same for my grandkids. (If and when I have them!) and I LOVE the Cheri quilt!! Does it happen to be coming to Wisconsin? Lol, just kidding! It turned out so cute :o)

yellowfarmhouse said...

I have that quilt pattern with all intentions of making it - and I love that saying on it - hope you won't mind if I "borrow" that idea when I make it.


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh those ornaments are soooo cute! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Embrace each day! It turned out awesome! Thanks also for the tip on the Josh Grogan cd - I'll have to find it! I love my perry como, bing crosby and lets not forget the famous Fred Waring and the Pennsylvaninas!

May Britt said...

Those snowmen are soooo cute. Try to find the pattern but nope :)
The little quilt is wonderful. Have looked at this pattern for a long time. And I love your saying on it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcie,
Love the little snowmen you made for your grandchildren. Soo..cute! I have that Josh Grogan Christmas is a good one.

Kathie said...

adorable snowmen ornaments
oh you should do this every year even if they don't seem to like them
they will treasure them years from now.
Love your little quilt and that has always been one of my favorite sayings...
I need to make this one too.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

OK, I'll check out the CD! Your quiltlet and new header are just great, love those "be cool" snowmen, too!

Tazzie said...

Your ornaments are just adorable, and they make wonderful memories for your grand-children's future Christmases.
*big hugs*

Anonymous said...

The ornaments are wonderful! I may have to take the one I made in class the other night and add name and year to the back and mail it off. =)

I love the little quiltlet, too. I've enjoyed listening to a lot of Josh Groban, though I've only used one so far on my advent music.

Are you ready for your trip in 10 days? =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcie, love your idea of the snowmen ornaments for the littlies.I have been burning incense with a lovely fragrance.DH is not too fond of it. Regards Lyn

Karen said...

Hi Marcie,
Your gallery of Christmas Sparklers is great! I love that they're all the same, but different. The quilt you made is very fun and I think the saying says it all;)
Happy Holidays.
Karen in Utah

Libby said...

I'm glad to hear you have re-established the ornament tradition . . . I bet the grandkids are even happier *s*

Karen said...

Your snowman ornaments are very, very cute. Isn't it wonderful that your grandchildren still want the hand made ornaments from Grandma no matter how much older they get?
I love your Cheri quilt. And the change in words is oh so good.

Wendy said...

What a neat idea to have an ornament for each grand child, they must be happy get these. The "be cool" snowman are sooooo cute.

The quilt came out beautifully, someone will be tickled.

julieQ said...

I love your decorations! Your grand children will never forget these. I have the Noel CD, and have not opened it yet...will have to do on the way to work tomorrow!

Polly said...

Another super cute ornament! When all my kids leave home there will be nothing left to hang on my tree! Of course the tree has been up in the living room for 4 days and we haven't decorated it yet. DH said "that's it next year we get a fake tree that already has lights." Did you already make that little quilt? Or just finish it, I swear I've seen it before. It sure is cute.

Janet said...

I love your little quilt - What a lovely homemade gift! Also - what a sweet little song - its perfect for my little darling as it's the first Christmas her little blue eyes will see.

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Sometimes it is the simple traditions that are the most meaningful. Those are some very special ornaments you made this year!!!

Kim said...

Cute stuff, Marcie! And I love your idea of making ornaments for all the grandkids!

Rebeccah Louise said...

so cute! i love all your little crafts...
also, here are all four verses to that song, i wonder why MY grandma never sang it to me!

Kim said...

1. Hang up the baby's stocking,
Be sure you don't forget,
The dear little dimpled darling,
Has never see Christ yet,
But I told her all about it,
And she opened her big blue eyes,
I'm sure she understood me,
For she looked so funny and wise.

2. Dear, such a tiny stocking,
It doesn't take much to hold!
Such little pink toes as baby's,
Away from the frost and cold.
But then for the baby's Christmas,
It will never do at all,
For "Santa" wouldn't be looking,
For anything half so small.

3. I know what I'll do for baby,
I've tho't of the very best plan;
I'll borrow a stocking from grandma,
The longest ever I can.
And hang it by mine, dear Mamma,
Right here in the corner, so,
And write a letter to "Santa,"
And fasten it to the toe.

4. Write, this is the baby's stocking,
That hangs in the corner here.
You never have seen her, "Santa"
For she came to our house this year.
But she's just the sweetest baby,
And now before you go,
Just cram her stocking with goodies,
From the top clear down to the toe.

Sheet Music by J. F. Kinsey from J. F. Kinsey and John McPherson, eds., Echoes Of Glory For The Sunday School.

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