Friday, November 30, 2007


Look at this little cutie I picked up yesterday! I went to lunch with friends and then we stopped at a folk art/primitive gift shop that is right down the street from our LQS here in Virginia Beach. I couldn't resist this little angel. It looks like an old chocolate mold, tho I hate to use "chocolate" and "mold" in the same sentence. I don't decorate for Christmas, other than getting out just a few things. We always go to Arizona or Minnesota to be with our kids, so we don't entertain or have company. Still, I can't resist picking up a little something every year. I love tree ornaments, but I haven't had a tree in years! I have to make or buy a few every year for my grandkids.

I stopped at What's Your Stitch N Stuff (LQS) yesterday also. They were just unpacking the new Williamsburg line of fabric. I wanted to shout, "Please stop! Can't you see you're killing me"! Judy L. is pricking my conscience again about stash busting. I actually left without purchasing anything. Whew, narrow escape! I try not to go there too often because I know I am weak. It really is a wonderful shop. If you ever are in this area you must go visit. They have kits there for my little Trees on the Table! Don't feel like looking for just the right fabric? Give them a call: 757-523-2711. Tell them I sent you!

The little wool flower is one I just made. I was inspired by one in the new Blackbird Designs book, You're Invited. (Thanks for the link Libby!). The one in the book is made from cutting up wool sweaters. Mine is from old wool blankets. Let me tell you, there was fuzz flying. I practically need to wear protective eye covering! I really hate fuzz in my eyes! Anyway, this is small enough to be a pin, and in fact, that is what it is! The actual coloring is nicer than the photo shows.
Question: Are you having trouble clicking on a picture on blogs to enlarge it? Starting today my computer wants to open the photos I click on in a picture program, but sometimes it can't open it. Is it just me, or is anyone else having this problem? Just thought I would ask.

Have a nice weekend one and all!


Libby said...

Your new angel is just delightful - I wouldn't have been able to leave her at the shop either *s*

I just happen to have the website bookmarked -
- in case you want to shop around.

Eileen said...

Marcie, that is the cutest angel. Sure looks like a chocolate mold to me. why don't you try it?

Yes, I sometimes have trouble opening pictures. Like none of yours would enlarge for me even through they had the ring around to.

Your little wool pin is cute.

Susan said...

I love your little angel. I wouldn't have been able to leave her behind either.

Yes, blogger has done something. When I click on a picture, it wants to download to my desktop now. I do *not* like this development!

Darcie said...

You're still having fun with that wool!!!

Is that you that your Dad is holding in your sidebar?!? ADORABLE!!! What a precious picture.

Dawn said...

Oh your little angel is adorable! I need to get my Christmas quilts out and up today I think!

Kim said...

Hello! I was able to enlarge your photos. Happy to find you over at Paula's blog.

Paula said...

I love the little sweet, especially the button center!

And I thought I'd put pictures on my blog incorrectly, but everyone's blog is doing the same thing. I can enlarge all the pics, but they open in Windows Picture Viewer. I liked the old way better.


Anne Sutton said...

Hi Marcie!
Thanks for inviting me for a visit! I love your blog. It's delightful!

As far as the picture thing, Blogger is having a problem and they are trying to fix it. Let's keep our fingers crossed they figure it out soon!

Keep up the beautiful work! Merry Christmas!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Yep, I'm having the same problem with clickable photos. Grrr...

Love that little wool flower; and your angel, that's a great find!

Penny said...

Cute angel!

I'd noticed that with the pictures. It isn't every picture, just ones with a specific file-type (I could go into techno-babble here).

Karen said...

Marcie, the angel is wonderful, it's a good thing you brought it home with you! Also like your wool flower