Friday, May 11, 2007


I have been stitching away on another eagle project. The first project was God Bless America, which you can see by clicking on that link. I decided I wanted to make the same eagle in wool and see how it turned out. I reduced the size and changed it a little, and I love it! In fact, I love it so much that I decided to offer you a little tutorial, as well as the pattern, in case you would like to make one for your own. Make a pillow, or frame it, or whatever you like.
I use Heat n Bond Lite to trace the eagle and the stars. This is optional, but it holds the edges so they don't fray. Don't use too much heat or you will get crispy fried wool, which I have done. The eagle needs his head reversed if you trace it on the paper side of the HnB. (You can use a Sharpie pen and trace on the fusible side, then re-trace to the front for cutting, thus reversing the image). Leave the paper on the back of the cut out eagle, remove paper from the back of the stars and fuse the stars in place. Now remove the paper from the eagle and, using matching gold thread, stitch the stars to the eagle. Embroider U-S-A on the stars in black floss. Do this free hand, or see the directions below for transferring the lettering. Center the eagle on an 11" x 13" piece of black wool. Use your printed pattern to adjust the placement. Fuse and stitch down in red thread. I just use a little whip stitch. To transfer the embroidery design you will need: a Sharpie permanent marker, a chalk pencil, and tulle, or netting, -not the really fine stuff.
Cut an 8" square of tulle. Lay it on the pattern, and with the Sharpie, trace the lettering and the embroidery design. Lay the tulle on the black wool and position the embroidery in place. Trace over the tulle pattern with a chalk marker to transfer the design and lettering onto the wool. The chalk brushes off easily, so transfer a little at a time, embroider over the chalk design, then chalk on more of the pattern. etc.
The chalk doesn't show up too well in the photo, but you get the idea. Don't worry about getting the embroidery or lettering too exact. This is folk art, just have fun with it!
I decided to add fringe to mine. First I sewed a backing fabric on it, and turned the pillow inside out. Leave an opening and stuff it, then stitch it closed. I then hand stitched the fringe around the outside. I have been thinking of other ways I could finish the edge, possibly making wool fringe, or just sew a colored binding on as you would a quilt. Finish yours however you would like! Follow this link for the pattern: SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY


Dawn said...

Marcie - it is beautiful! And I"ve heard of using the tulle for that, but never seen it done! Thanks for taking the time to show us!

KCQuilter said...

Wow, what a neat pattern and tutorial! I love to work in wool applique. Have printed everything off and will--hopefully--get it made one day soon. So generous of you! Thanks.

Libby said...

What a nice gift - thank you so much. I love Americana! This will project will definitely be on my short list *s*

Carole said...

What a nice pillow. BTW, I love you house quilt. Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

Patti said...

What a neat little project - thanks for sharing! I love projects made from wool. And I have fallen in love with eagles on projects. I think I see a wool eagle cushion in my future!