Wednesday, June 21, 2006


As the Fourth of July draws near we like to bring out our red, white and blue quilts. This is one I made a couple years ago. It is from the book, Patriotic Little Quilts, by the Little Quilts ladies. It is so easy to make that my daughter and I made several for gifts. She gave them to teachers for an end of school present. In the photo you see it hanging on our deck. Isn't it funny that each year we celebrate our independence from Great Britain, and now they are our greatest ally?


Fiona said...

Lovely little quilt - I recognise some of the faux flag blocks you used in the Happy Place quilt. what a lovely idea to give them as gifts for an end of school present.

Marcie said...

Yes Fiona, you are right about those little flags. And if you knew my grandchildren you would understand why their teachers deserve a gift! Just kidding, they are great kids--just very active. I call that normal, even tho it is difficult to endure at times. I wouldn't trade them.

Finn said...

Hi Marcie, I had to pop over and see where you blog. I see you are fairly new to blogland..welcome..*VBS* We have some really great gals here that makes quilts and such.
Thanks for stopping over at my place, Pieces..*S*

Your quilts are really beautiful..I've bookmarked you and will be back to read when my eyes aren't quite as tired as tonight...Finn

Patti said...

Great little flags. What a simple but charming quilt!

ForestJane said...

Neat flag quilt!

It'd also make a good lap quilt for a veteran too, I bet. *thinking about my guild's wheelchair quilt challenge*