Thursday, June 01, 2006

Blue Quilts

Wow, I am getting so creative. Lisa wanted a blue and white quilt and I can't decide what she will like so I have been working on two of them, plus I had one in the closet not yet quilted. Lisa is a foreign exchange student that has been living with my daughter and her family for the past school year. Everyone loves Lisa! She is peaceful and serene and non-judgemental. All very good qualities to have when moving into a wild American family. Wild as in "normal". I know, normal is relative, like everything else. Lisa has brought an element of dignity to my daughter's house. Everyone trys a little harder to be better because they don't want to be a disappointment to Lisa. Lisa will leave next week to go back home to Hong Kong. I want to make her a quilt and she said she would like a blue and white one. It will not be completed before she leaves, but she is coming back in the fall to go to college. Yea!!! So one of them will be ready for her by then. I am letting her choose her favorite. (1)The Sister's Choice blocks I am calling Sister to Sister, because she has new sisters from America now. To me it looks like the blocks are hands reaching to one another. It will have machine appliqued flowers all around the order. (2)The Stars and Flying Geese Log Cabin I named Ocean to Ocean, and it is very scrappy. One of the blues actually has little whales on it! (3) The one in toile is from a magazine and is very pretty. All blue and white and all very different. Which one will she choose???

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Patti said...

All three of the quilts are beautiful! If it were me I'd find it impossible to choose. We are definitely kindred spirits - I love all of your work that you've shown up. My kind of colors and my kind of patterns.