Friday, May 25, 2012

Hot weather and hot quilts!

Just a quick little post before the weekend begins. I am still in the desert living in a refrigerated house. My aunt said the silliest thing yesterday when I went to see her. I came to the door and she said, "Oh, you are outside!" Well, yes I am. It is essential to be outside when driving from one place to another. It was 96 degrees yesterday, and it is going into the 80's for the weekend, so that will be a pleasant break.

I finally got blinds on most of my windows. Not the beautiful wood shutters that I want, but faux wood (vinyl) blinds that will have to suffice for now. We are on the “pay as you go” plan and so far we have paid plenty for carpeting and tile, etc. My contractor friend, Harold, send over three Mexican men to install the blinds. They speak Spanish to each other, which I recognize from three years of taking the language in high school. I really can’t translate, but I heard one of them say “Oh no”, which I immediately understood. Some things are universal. Anyway, faux or no, the blinds look fine and are desperately needed in this blazing desert heat. It has been 105 degrees and more. But no humidity! Ha ha!
I have spent months intermittently working on a quilt and finally FINISHED it. You know how some quilts seem to take forever? I began this one months ago, last year in fact, making 9-patches and more 9-patches. I planned it with the help of EQ7, EQ7 being one of the things I would put on my deserted island list. So I made a ton of blocks and found that I didn’t have quite enough of a certain tan fabric to complete my quilt. Back to the drawing board formerly referred to—EQ7. I came up with several solutions and then had to choose one. Now it is terminado! Hecho in Arizona! (My meager attempt at Spanish).

I also completed this little cutie. I saw the original on Pinterest and fell in love. Mine is made with 1-1/2" cut squares, of which I never have a shortage. 
This is the original. A vintage doll quilt. Love it!

Also, I just finished reading The Book Thief. If you are looking for a good book, this is it! 

Have a nice holiday weekend! Wave that beautiful flag of ours!


sewprimitive karen said...

Hi, Marcie, I'm glad you are getting your house all pulled together, thanks to the "uh oh" crew. And that despite the distraction of reading people's accounts of Market this past week or so, you have stayed on task and made some pretty quilts :-).

Janet said...

Your doll quilt is so sweet. I love the original too. I look forward to seeing the 9 patch quilt - in a magazine sometime in the future?? :0)

Paula TheQuilter said...

"But it's a dry heat!" is what is said around here. *smile* BTW, if your blinds are vinyl and will get direct sunlight, they will melt. Ask me how I know this. I finally made and put up the Warm Window shades. I made the simple Roman Shade style and what a difference it has made in the comfort of the home. Joann's sells the warm window fabric, so I would wait until I had a coupon to purchase it.

Jan said...

Cute doll quilt. I like to replicate vintage quilts, too.
The Book Thief is a great book. It really stayed with me.

AnnieO said...

That was a silly thing to say of your aunt's! My daughter is living in Scottsdale with my brother's family while going to school, and while the heat did not bother her before on vacation weeks there, living in it every day is harder!

Glad you're getting some of the heat deflected with the new blinds! I had faux white wood blinds put up in the living room and love them. Heck, if they are white, why bother with real wood?

Love your replica of the doll quilt.

Jeanne said...

Such a cute doll quilt! You did a great job replicating the original.
Can't wait to see the nine patch quilt, too.

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

I enjoyed seeing your rendition of that charming doll quilt. Wonderful job! I'm having fun exploring all the blogs of the designers from the last issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects mag! Good to work with you on the last issue. Kimber