Friday, July 24, 2009


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With Heart and Hands.

Recently I was visiting blogs and saw the cutest apron made from blue jeans. I was out of town and didn't mark the blog. Does anyone know who that blogger is? I wanted to share it with my cousin.

Have a happy day!

Two nice bloggers took the time to look for that apron for me! They both found cute aprons,but different from what I had seen. However, they reminded me that there are search engines to do the work of finding things, so I looked and found the blog myself. Pat on my back. It was Karen's blog at Quiltsalot!  Take a look for yourself!

And thank you to Nancy at With Thread in Hand, and Carol at Carol's Crafty Creations, for generously offering their help. Check out the blogs of two very nice ladies who happen to be quilters as well! 


Nancy said...

do you use Google Reader? If so, there is a search box in the top left hand corner. You can type in blue jean apron and then use the drop down menu and click READ ITEMS. It will search all the blogs you have bookmarked....

Nancy said...

I found this one!!!

Carol said...

I went to google and typed in blue jeans, apron and blogger and found this blog with a cute half apron with a ruffle on the bottom:

Is it the one you saw?

Erzebat said...

hiya, I recently posted a pic of a jeans apron that I made from recycled jean legs. mayne it was mine? its posted on my blog.
(mauh) Liz