Monday, March 02, 2009


Whether or not to go back to Quilt-Fest was actually the question. See that foreboding sky? The birds are holding on tight to the wire, which wouldn't be my first choice in inclement weather. The weather was very nice on Thursday when we went, but over the weekend it turned miserable. Sunday Joan and I faced the storm with the heat turned up in the car and drove back to Newport News.
This time we really had no purpose other than just wandering. We wandered back to the Olde Green Cupboard, of course. This time I got a picture of my new best friend, Gloria, who also happens to own the shop. See Karen Dianne's quilt on the left behind me? And of course my Indian Paintbrush quilt too. I should point out that Gloria kitted it up with a scrappy background, like Karen Dianne made hers. Everything comes out looking rather vintage by the time Gloria is done picking fabric. Anybody want a kit? Call the Olde Green Cupboard!
I really feel bad for those that have to drive today in this nasty weather. At least OGC is heading south.

A little show and tell: I loved this quilt! It is so beautifully done. I love house blocks. Look at this darling block with the little trellis going up the front of the house and the darling tree, etc. Beautiful!
Here is the whole quilt to feast your eyes on. I do not do this kind of work, but I surely appreciate and admire it.
Hope you are having a beautiful day where ever you are. I am not, but I will make the best of it---indoors!


Anonymous said...

Oh Marcie...I was thinking there was no way I would stay away if I were living that close. You didn't stay away I see! Just seeing the Indian Paintbrush again is exciting for me. I'm glad I bought that one!!
We have 4 inches of snow this morning. It is gorgeous out there! But not good weather to be out in.

*karendianne. said...

How fun to see you and Gloria in the same shot! Friendlies. I love that. This is a great photo and Gloria really is a super nice person. She puts up with me ~ maybe that means she's a Saint! It's neat to see the booth all set up, too.

sewprimitive karen said...

Oh boy that Indian Paintbrush and Karen Dianne's quilt both look very nice in a booth. Nice shots of the show.

Libby said...

Oh man, I wish I could have met up with you at that show, too. What fun to meet so many friends . . . . and feast my eyes on the Old Green Cupboard booth *s*