Tuesday, July 22, 2008


When it comes to Kisses, do you first think "love" or "chocolate"? Probably a silly question, as we all seem to love chocolate! Well now think "love+chocolate+quilts" and that equation equals only one thing! The QUILT ODYSSEY in Hershey, PA! It begins this week, opening Thursday, July 24 -27. Unfortunately, I will not be there, but lots of my Patchalot Patterns will be, and also a few of my quilts! I am excited to have them attend this event, and wish I could be there also. I will be home with some of my other quilts and some of my own Hershey's!

So here is what I want to know: Are any of you, who read my blog, planning to attend this event? I would love to have someone take a picture or two of my quilts and patterns and e-mail them to me to post on my blog. They can be seen at the booth of The Happy Sewing Room at the show.

Have fun at the Quilt Odyssey show, and blow my quilts some kisses--but not chocolate ones please! Save those to eat!



Libby said...

Are you kidding me? A quilt show in 'Chocolate Heaven'! Oh how I wish I was going to that *s*

Anonymous said...

I am not attending this year. I have been to Hershey several times,though. Everyone needs to go there at least once.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

No chocolate around the quilts, or patterns for that matter! I hope you have lots of sweet sales during the event.

Mar said...

I'm with Libby on that one, gosh one can only dream!! Have fun and have a kiss or two for me!