Sunday, September 02, 2007


Recently there have been some very nice tutorials on some of the quilt blogs that I visit. I started to bookmark them, and then it occurred to me that I could add links to some of them on my sidebar, and so, after asking permission from the author/blogger, I did add a few. Each one teaches a method or project that you may find helpful. These ladies have gone to a lot of trouble to photograph and detail each step in their tutorial. If you want to see the rest of their blog simply go to their address at the top of the screen and delete everything after .com, and hit enter. In the case of Tonya's blog, she has so many tutorials that she has a whole list of them on her sidebar, so I just linked her whole blog and you can go look at her sidebar for great stuff to try! I do think that is an excellent idea to put links on your blog to the tutorials that you have written. Sometimes we might miss them or want to find them again and that makes it easy. Just a thought.

I am constantly amazed at all the talent out there in blogland and so grateful that I found you all and can benefit from what you share. Really, there is way too much for any one person to keep up with, but I do what I can.

There are at least three blogs or websites that I still would like to put on my sidebar. Most everyone knows these sites. Be sure to check their sidebars also for other links.

1. Judy Laquidara's blog, with her wonderful creative designs that she offers in the form of free monthly stash busting patterns. Plus, she has a new book out!!!

2. Mary Johnson's blog will direct you to her website with her instructions for Heartstring Quilts for charity, and more!

3. Bonnie Hunter's website which is filled with tons of patterns and instructions for scrap quilts, plus lots of other information and inspiration. Bonnie is actually the original Quilt Goddess and the rest of us are mere mortals. If you haven't been to her site, prepare to be amazed!

I am sure I missed some tutorials, and will continue to add links as I find them. In the meantime, go to my sidebar and look for links to Tonya's blog, Tracey's blog, Judy's blog, Lucy's blog and Patti's blog. Good thing it's a long weekend!
Oh, I also added a link at Patchalot Patterns for two small projects. Enjoy!


Angie said...

Love your little quilt, Marcie! That's adorable---I'm always attracted to the pieced tops with applqiue, and this one really is a 'doll'. :D Thanks for sharing the tutorial links with us. Hope you're having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.

Libby said...

Another cutie little quilt. I'm hooked*s*
Thanks for reminding us of the great tutorials out there. So much to learn right here at our fingertips *s*

Yvonne said...

Your little quilt is adorable....there really is a lot of good info out there. Thanks for the links. :)

Rose Marie said...

Your mini is sweet and what a great idea for linking the tutorials!

Mary said...

Marcie, it's great to put the links on your sidebar - we all learn so much from each other don't we? I recently went and looked at Tonya's tutorial on quilting when I was ready to hand quilt my doll quilt working without a hoop for the first time.

Feel free to add a link to my site if you'd like.

Judy said...

Check out my post today and the link to a great other way to do applique I just learned!

Great little quilt!

Susan said...

You've really been busy on little quilts lately! Thanks for posting all the tutorials on your sidebar. That's handy!

Love the school pic in the post below. I remember the plaids and the one-inch checks. Mine was red and white and on the Christmas card that year. =)

Patti said...

This is a good idea! I will do the same for my blog - links to tutorials I've done. As soon as I can type with both hands again, that is LOL!