Thursday, June 28, 2007


My husband has been gone on a business trip this week and I thought I would get so much done! Where does the time go? I can't catch up on the projects that I posted about before I left for Minnesota. I have been home for two weeks and I feel like I am spinning my wheels. I need some time to spend finishing some stuff. I haven't even read all the blogs on my bloglines. I feel bad about that. When I got home my bloglines said I had over 600 entries to catch up. Now it says 400.

It would help if Kim at didn't write every day. But she just can't shut up! And I want to read all her funny stories.

Then there is Mary at who not only blogs every day, but also completes an amazing amount of fabulous quilts, and now is providing instructions for them!

Darlene at and May Britt at always have darling projects, big and small, and I want to dive into each one of them!

Oh yes, there are many, many more of you who keep me at the computer much longer than I should be. How can I get anything done when there are so many voices waiting to be heard? And new people keep showing up! I am going to have to draw the line somewhere. But not quite yet.

OK, that reminds me of my little Plumpkin. She mimics everything she hears, of course, and her mom has gotten into the habit of saying, "Not quite yet," to her when she asks for things. Plumpkin, of course, now uses that expression constantly. In fact, she will answer her own questions and say, "Can I have a cookie, not quite yet"? Or "Can we go to the park, not quite yet"? This is a picture of her this month - June - when she decided that the only outfit she would be willing to wear was a witch costume that she spotted in her closet. She actually prefers no clothes. Her mom decided that witch clothes were just fine.

Just so you know I haven't been totally non-productive, I have been making some of those Cheri Saffiote blocks, (see )and I wanted to see what orphan blocks I had that might work with them. I actually found a few that sized up very nicely together. The cardinal is a Debbie Mumm design, the Santa is from Country Threads, The tree from Little Quilts, and the quilt block is a reject from a block exchange. The color was good for this. The little ornament block is one of the Saffiote blocks I made. Patti at has been combining her orphan blocks into an enormous quilt that is awesome. I can tell you it is hard work figuring how to fit it all together. I am thrilled with my little project and I am going to border it and call it done! Sadly, it only contains one of the Saffiote blocks, so I will still have to decide what to do with all the rest. I am in no hurry, but I would like to see SOMETHING completed!
Dang, my Bloglines is now reading 485!


Libby said...

Oh that catching up is difficult for sure. Some days are just meant for spinning your wheels, I think . . . everything will come together in it's own time *S*

Mary said...

I hate feeling non-productive! I'll slow down this week since I'll be at Mom's in VA until the 8th. I have SO much to do that I hate being gone that long but will enjoy the visit with Mom.

I love the blocks you've put together. I'm a fan of orphan block quilts - one of these days I'm going to make a sampler in that style.

Kim said...

Have I shut up yet? Not quite yet! LOL! But I'm not wearing a witch's outfit. Nor am I naked, thank goodness! Still, I posted to my blog late today, so I've given you all day to get things done. Love your Christmas project. I have a drawer where I'm collecting miscellaneous blocks. Seeing what you're doing with yours gives me hope that I'll actually USE them someday!

Darlene said...

You know what they say "the hurrier I go, the more behind I get". Relax, Marcie and enjoy the process of either sewing, reading bloglines or just doing nothing.

Like Mary I don't like being non-productive however there are days when it does happen.

Love Santa and his companion blocks - enjoy!

Stop being so hard on yourself - you are very productive, also.

Judy said...

Well count me in the same "finishing" boat. I have so many that just need that extra little time to get done!

Everything looks great!

Gail said...

I'd be willing to quilt a little less if I had a Plumpkin of my own to play with-that is one adorable child!! I did have my 9 year old version with me today and we went to the cookie store (cookies make everything better she says) and then visited the animal shelter for a look around.

Susan said...

Your little Plumpkin is adorable! Is she about 2.5? She makes the cutest witch!

Vicky said...

What an adorable little Plumpkin! She made me giggle this morning!

Norma said...

I feel your pain! Keeping up with the posting and reading and commenting....and....and.... is both a curse and a blessing!