Sunday, November 05, 2006


Take a look at this cute fireman fabric! It was with some of my mom's things. I think it is probably 1950's vintage. The firemen are about 1-1/2" tall on black cotton. Notice the little wings on the fireman by the ladder. I just love it, but it really needs to go to a special home. Please tell me if you have a fireman connection: husband, father, loved one. I would love to give it to someone who will love it and put it to good use. It is 38" wide and there are two yards. Be warned, I will want to see the end product! Anyone interested? Leave a comment and an e-mail address.

Thanks for your interest in this fireman fabric. I had a difficult time deciding who to give it to, but I have made a decision. I have e-mailed her and will report back later.


quiltpixie said...

I love the woman jumping -- the way the skirt billows is lovely

Norma said...

I don't have a connection to firemen or firefighters--no such family members have taken up that noble profession. You are very generous to give up such a wonderful piece of fabric from your mother's stash. Bless you!

dot said...

What a neat piece of fabric and so gracious of you to give to a good home. I don't have a connection but I love the fabric. We will all be watching for the completed project with this fabric.

Hedgehog said...

That fabric is adorable - I hope it finds a good home!

Susan said...

The fabric is wonderful! I wish I did know someone with a connection. It really deserves a very special home.

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

It is a great design. They must be angel wings on the fireman. Perhaps if you don't get a taker you could make a quilt for the local firehouse or for a fund raiser?

Gail said...

I have a number of firemen in my family. One is currently in hospice. I'd never get a quilt done in time for him. But maybe a comfort quilt for his daughter? They are a little removed from me, so please wait for someone with a closer connection. If you have no other takers, I'd be interested. Your offer is very kind.

Anonymous said...

I wish I did - that is a hreat piece of fabric. (I have a few - for masculine novelty quilts.)

Pam's Creative Mind said...

ME ME ME I have a nephew who is a fireman...and he is long over due for a quilt. if no one else has claimed this wonderful prize.

Dawn said...

Oh that fabric is just too cool! I hope it finds a good home! That is just too special!

anne bebbington said...

What fabulous fabric - you see lots of repro fabrics a la Civil War - maybe the fabric designers should look to doing some 20th century repros too - this would be a good candidate - hope you find it a fitting home - look forward to seeing the end result hopefully

Samantha said...

That is gorgeous, and if my son were into firefighters instead of trains, I'd be begging for a piece!

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