Thursday, August 10, 2006


Can anyone tell me why this post shows up on bloglines and not on my blog??? Does it show up for you when you look at my blog? Also, are comments blocked on my blog? They are not supposed to be. Hit me with your best shot and let's see if I get anything. Thanks! OK, I am re-publishing this same entry.
I am still getting a few comments on the bird saliva from my previous post. I appreciate having people share their knowledge with me. In case you missed their comments, I am re-printing them here.

She was telling the truth about the saliva... & They pay a premium for it! It generally comes from birds nests that are harvested (after being abandoned) from inside caves - where people risk their lives to collect them, the saliva keeps the twigs together...
More info in the birds nest soup:'s_nest_soup

I really enjoy reading your blog, and I really like your spools quilt. I am a bit shy commenting on people's blogs, but have been prompted to comment regarding bird saliva:

There is a species of birds (swallows I think) that live in caves in the mountains. Their nests are made of saliva and they are high up in the caves. People climb into the caves (with very little safety equipment) and collect the nests (this is done after the birds finish nesting). The birds' nests are made into bird's nest soup and is one of the most expensive dishes you can buy in China/Taiwan and Hong Kong

My daughter in Hong Kong said they told her it is very expensive and they think that it keeps skin youthful, but you must eat it every day. The Chinese have certainly come up with amazing cures and techniques in the past, so who knows??? Maybe they have something there! I always say it is an amazing world we live in! Thanks for sharing!


Susan said...

I think I will pass and keep my old skin. =)

Andrea said...

I wonder if the bird nest soup tastes like their food.

I have a cockatiel and her breath smells like the food she eats. And I can't imagine trying to eat bird saliva or their nests.

The Calico Cat said...

As I always say, I am a "fount of useless knowledge" - but the first one chosen to be on a trivial pursuit team!

Laurie Ann said...

All looks good to me. On your blog and comments, that is. Glad they don't torture the poor birds to get their slobber! :)

Patti said...

I can definitely see this post - and I saw it and read it yesterday. How strange that you couldn't see it.

And what interesting trivia!

Mary said...

Marcie - the post shows up on both bloglines and the blogger and it looks like I'm able to comment!

joyce said...

No problem with your page or comments. We went to Hong Kong and China a couple of years ago but I don't think I tried Bird's Nest Soup. The problem there is that you can't read anything so you never know what you are eating. Most of it was really good though although often a bit strange.