Sunday, January 04, 2015


January 2015!

We have left 2014 behind and are into another new year! January brings optimism and a fresh start. To many of us that means 'what can I start off the year making?' To others it means 'what quilt can I get back to and finish!'  Either way it is exciting to think of the projects we love to work on, and the opportunity of progress in 2015. If 2015 means digging into your scraps be sure to take a look at my website for scrappy patterns. You know I LOVE scrap quilts!

My birthday also falls in the first week of January and so to celebrate both my birthday and the New Year, I am offering a SPECIAL DEAL on my patterns. I am including a free pattern with your purchase. Just place an order on my website and I will send you a pattern of your choice for free. Email me to say which free pattern to include. If I don't hear from you I will just pick one for you myself. (Please note that the Cotillion pattern is no longer available, sorry) 
Happy New Year from Patchalot Patterns and me!


julieQ said...

I blogged about you! Your patterns are the best!

Sherrill said...

Happy birthday, Marcie!! My birthday's today so we're close. My sister's is the 1st so we celebrated a joint birthday with a family dinner tonight. So fun!

Me and My Stitches said...

Happy Birthday Marcie! I love every single one of your patterns! Now if I had some time to make them!

Beatrice said...

Hello Marcie,
I'm wondering whether your patterns are printed patterns or whether they come as a PDF. I couldn't quite be certain from the descriptions on your website.

Jeanne said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Marcie!

Alla Blanca said...

Hi, I really like your patterns and your blog. I wanted to include a picture of a 1930's baby quilt that was featured on your blog back in 2006 ( on my blog. I always give credit and link back to your original blog post. I received some fabric recently, and your pattern inspired me.
Hope your birthday month is being good to you!