Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Change, or not so much?

After my last post and the funny photo of my grandchildren, their mother produced some recent photos that I really need to share. 

 These kids are so funny! Well, to me at least. They are my blood, make no mistake! Some people develop humor as they grow, and some are just naturals! These kids are just goofy!

The first photo is reminiscent of this one from two years ago. Seriously, they make me laugh. (My life is an oxymoron)

Next we have our darling Kathryn, who just turned nine years old. Her mom just got a used freezer and painted it. Kathryn, or Katie as she now prefers, is modeling beside it. Love the color coordination!

Saturday I visited Olde World Quilt Shoppe. It is located in Cave Creek, AZ. I first visited the shop in February when Lisa Bonjean was there teaching. This is a wonderful shop! Perhaps one of the loveliest I have been in, and that is saying something! A bed laden with beautiful quilts is in one corner and in another is a big comfy couch, with old looking chandeliers adding a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The owner, Dee Grantham, above, is responsible for the beauty and style of this shop. I am very impressed with Dee. Not only is she talented, she is really a sweetheart!  
Now my friends, do you see anything familiar in the photo? Yes! my Button Bandits quilt with the crows is hanging in the back. The shop has been making kits for this and also Medallion Doll Quilt, on left, and they must keep selling out because they keep ordering patterns! If you want a kit for either of these call the shop (480-473-2171), I bet they will ship!
As you can see I am still in Arizona, where the temp is around 108 degrees and the grass is crunchy; the A/C struggles to keep the house cool and I struggle to not adjust the thermostat lower. Things change. Kids change, temperatures change and we try and keep up!


Gypsy Quilter said...

What beautiful grandchildren. Love the coordinating outfits. I see they take after their grandma in many ways, LOL. Thanks for sharing.

Janet said...

I think I would like Olde World Quilt shoppe - it appears they have good taste :0) I think goofy is good - we all need to smile and laugh more. Great pictures!

AnnieO said...

Love the candid photos--I always let my kids do a few goofy face shots when we do our annual Xmas pic. Well they still like to do that and the youngest is 24 :)
Next time I'm in AZ I want to go to that shop! Congrats on the popularity of your little quilt--it's a great one!

Janet O. said...

Love the photos--aren't grandkids the best?
Looks like we have a budding game show model there with the turquoise freezer! Vanna White, look out!
Wasn't that fun to see your design displayed--and to know how well received it is?
Did you love Lisa Bongean when she was teaching? I thought she was a great teacher.

Lori said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful. How fun to have your quilts hanging in a shop you love. I'm sure they are selling many kits!!

onlymehere said...

Those silly pictures are absolutely priceless. My daughter got a photo booth for her wedding reception and I just couldn't see how it would be worth the money...but it definitely was! People got crazy in that booth and even my totally proper husband got into the mood with the silly costumes and faces. Guess which pictures I treasure most from the wedding?! Your family is beautiful and I'm so happy you shared them today!

pat said...

Marce--you have the cutest little blondies! Someone is certainly a mugger for the camera. Gotta love it. By the way, I finally have a grandson! David has a little boy--Jack Richard. :-)

Kurt Schindler said...

What great photos! The grandchildren are a hoot.
Lucky you!

Love your patterns.


QuiltinGram said...

Beautiful Grandkids. So much fun to spoil...then send back to parents. I just spent 8 Days visiting mine...nothing like having them crawl into my bed morning with kisses n cuddles!